Top 7 Best Free Offline Games for Android

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Games are excellent combined packages of entertainment, fun, and thrill for your brain. Every type of game like Action, Arcade, Racing, Strategy, and Board games, not only entertain you, but increase your vision, real attention, concentration and hand coordination.

While in the Play Store most games like Coin Master, Hay Day, Free Fire and Ludo King demand an internet connection for some or all of their features. But there are still some games that do not require an internet connection at all. Almost every gaming genre offers some Best free offline Games for android that are even better than their online counterparts.

So let’s take a look at the games we have chosen for you.

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Best Free Offline Android Games


Love shooting? Then you will love Dead Target. This zombie shooter game lets you destroy zombies with different powers and abilities. 

With powerful weapons, violent skills and techniques, this is is based on survival and shooting. However, it gets interestingly tougher as the levels gets higher, requiring more abilities and skills from the player.  

As you ace the game, it becomes more and more addictive and makes you forget about your time.  This is completely free, however it offers in-app purchases.

Cover Fire

It is an excellent action game in which you have to fight the army as a leader of your own army. It is a survival and shooting game in which you will have to race against time and kill out each enemy before the time runs out. 

There are various missions to complete, with each mission landing you on a different ground zero zone to eliminate the enemies and save victims.

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In this game, you can set up your squad with snipers, sharpshooters, drivers, combat fighters, and so on. Along with story mode, it also offers a zombie apocalypse mode where you will have to make your way by fighting the zombies. I hope you like to play this now. Let’s check our third game.

N.O.V.A. Legacy

Although this series doesn’t need any special introduction, NOVA Legacy gives you an ultimate Sci-fi and fighting game experience. It is a compact shooter game with a story-line of a hero: Kal Wardin.

The task is simple- to protect humanity by engaging in combat with aliens, who have captured the earth. Although the downloading size is large. but it is worth the efforts, as graphics and controls are mind-blowing. 

There are 3 modes: Story mode, Shadow missions, and Special OPS mode. Various weapons collection ranging from plasma guns to laser technology.

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Smash Hit

Run into this amazing and adventurous runner game and smash everything that comes in your path. You are equipped with metal balls that break whatever is in front of you.

The goal is to travel as far as you can and break the beautiful glass objects that come your way. The more you break, the better you score. It takes a lot of focus, timing, concentration, and accuracy to move ahead. 

The game is musically synchronized and it changes and becomes more challenging as you advance in levels.

Sky Dancer Run

Sky Dancer Run is an endless runner with amazing parkour stunts to avoid the obstacles in between. It is a great replacement for Temple run 2 or Subway Surfers. 

From green forests to dreary deserts, it has terrains for every weather and season. Apart from running, it also offers free falls that can directly land you into unique destinations, making the game a totally unique experience.

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Infinity Loop

With relaxing sounds and display, it contains never endless puzzles that will make your brain sharper and will improve your cognitive abilities.

You will have to create a puzzle and solve a puzzle containing confusing lines and match them in the correct order so as to create a meaningful pattern of a certain type. 

It is a great stress buster, with a level neither being easy nor hard, but really depending on the type of person playing it. 

Now check our last Game Most people know our last chosen game and this has been played sometimes by people. So let’s see what the last game is.

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With an infinite number of Sudoku games, this one offers you a great time-pass with an improvement in your memory and logic. It is very similar to Sudoku with paper and pencil.

This game contains 4 difficulty levels, with features ranging from Daily challenges, Making notes, eraser, and pencil for assigning certain digits in boxes for future reference. It can be a great way of making your mind sharp.


We hope that you will install these selected free games in your Android device, because each of these games we have selected is offline. So you don’t need an internet connection to play them. So go and enjoy each game one by one. Thank you.

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