Counter-strike Global Offensive- How it is Played

Counter-strike Global Offensive- How it is Played

About Counter strike Global Offensive:

CSGO, which stands for Counter strike Global Offensive, is a famous shooting video game. It is a multiplayer game in which two teams are playing together one going after the other. It has grown as one of the cornerstones in the industry because it is easily accessible and it has allowed multiple players at one time. Which is rarely seen that can be observed in other games.

The accessibility of this game has also made it popular because the interest of people has increased in esports; they are always looking for games which are accessible to them. CSGO has this feature, and its popularity in esports is ever discussed because of it. In CSGO, different tournaments are structured for teams in which they participate and come against each other.

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How is Counter strike Global Offensive played?

It is a first-person shooter game, and one can quickly dive into it because the digestion of this game is effortless. The players get the plot of this game as soon as they start playing it. It is similar to Rainbow Six and Call of Duty, but what makes it stand differently is its one mode, and that is Bomb Defusal.

Players are dived into two groups

One group is of the terrorist, and another group is of counter-terrorists. Terrorists are given the task of planting the bomb on the side of the counter strikers. Once the bomb has been produced, the strikers are given the time of 40 seconds. And during which they have to complete their task of defusing it. And for this purpose, they can use the bomb defusal mode.

Bomb defusal mode

During the bomb defusal mode the counter strikers have to protect themselves—the terrorists’ plants the bomb in the area where the counter strikers are present. And in return, the counter-terrorists have to put all their efforts into detonating it. And if they fail to do so the terrorist’s side wins. While on the other hand if the team of the counter striker gets successful in defusing the bomb, then victory is written alongside their name.

Each set of the game have 30 rounds

But the victory is not that easy. Because each set of the game have 30 rounds and those 30 rounds are played between the teams of two sides. The teams with more number of winning matches will be on the winning side.

How are the sets of games different for the different player?

There are different sets for professional and non-professionals.



The non-professionals have rounds of 15-15. And when once they have played all of their competitions, their scoreboard is checked. Their result is announced according to their scores.

For professionals

The numbers of sets are less as they get pro, so they only have six rounds in which each side plays three rounds. As the players get pro in the game, they have to buy cheap CSGO prime accounts that help them in moving forward.

Players are awarded money

which they use during the game to share their things which is the need of the process while playing CSGO. Players have to use this money sensibly so that they have more chances of a win.

Win extra cash

They can also win extra cash in different ways during the game. Can win some money by killing their opponent; they can win extra cash by securing other objectives and also by making victory in rounds.

More weapons

If a team wins more rounds during the game, it adds swings to their momentum, and they can also load their team members with more weapons. More weapons mean more killing of enemies, and this is at the end, going to increase the chances of victory.

What problems are faced by players in CSGO?

Challenging to attain stability in the game

CSGO is the part of the volatile industry, and unlike other esports, it is challenging to attain stability in the game. Things keep on changing, and because of this, the continuity is difficult to achieve. At one point players will be fully equipped and have cash and all other luxurious stuff a winner should have. And right after some time the team might be fighting for their survival.


Continuous struggle

Therefore, continuity is the most prominent problem player’s face. And it is a significant problem of all esports, but CSGO has taken it to the next level. Teams will be in the continuous struggle of trophies, reward, amounts of cash and survival. There are very few organizations that have managed to enjoy the legacy of dominance for a short, long period, but most of them have not enjoyed it as they to come down anytime.

Where to watch CSGO leagues?

As the CSGO leagues are very famous and people enjoy watching them, they are available at They can be protected on the official website of ESL whereas all the master events are found on Some of the most famous events of CGO are also available on Facebook, and people can go and see on the Facebook page of ESL.

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