How to Send your big files online?

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How to Send Your Big Files Online?

The file sharing economy is a growing trend where people can share large files online. This is done by uploading files to a website, such as Dropbox, and then using the service to store the files. The files can be shared anywhere, including between family and friends.

How to Send Documents Online?

To send a document online, you first need to upload it to a website like Dropbox. Then, use the service to store the document in an encrypted format. You can then send the document securely through email or transfer it over USB drive.

How to Use File Sharing Services?

When you want to share a document with others, you first need to upload it onto a file sharing site like Dropbox and then use the service to store the document in an encrypted format. Then, you can share it with others by email or USB drive.

How to Protect Your Documents?

unless you want to leave your data vulnerable to theft or cyberattacks, it’s important to protect your documents with a strong password. A strong password is easy to remember and use, and it can help you if you ever need to access your files again in the future.

Keep Your Documents Safe

Keeping your documents safe is essential for keeping them healthy and untouched during travels. Use a firewall to protect your computer from unauthorized access, store sensitive information offline, and don’t forget about common security measures like remote wipe/lockers.

Use a Firewall

When using a firewall, be sure to set up exceptions for specific types of traffic—like online banking or file sharing—in order to keep your data secure even when accessed from outside sources. You can also use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service in order to encrypt all of your traffic and protect against cyber threats.

Tips for Safe File Sharing.

When sharing files with friends or family, make sure to use a friend or family member who you trust and whose email address you can easily remember. Use a secure server, like DropBox, to store your files. And if you’re worried about cybercrime, use a VPN service to anonymize your traffic and prevent third-party access to your files.

Use a Secure Server

In order to ensure that your files are safe when sending them online, use a secure server. This can be done through an online security program like McAfee or Bitdefender, or by using encryption technology like AES256. By encrypting your files, you’ll protect them from being readable by unauthorized individuals and keep them safe from cybercrime.

Use a Secure Folder

Make sure that your storage devices are specifically designated for file sharing purposes and store all of your files in one place—not in different locations around the house! When storing files on multiple devices, use a secure folder to organize them instead of scattering them around the house. This will help you stay organized and protected when sharing Files with others online.


Safe file sharing is a critical part of any online security strategy. By following these tips, you can keep your files safe and protected from unauthorized access. By using a VPN and secure server, you can also make sure that your data is never sent anywhere but the intended destination. In conclusion, using online storage services and passwords are important steps in protecting your documents online.

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