No man’s sky Expedition Update Guide

No man’s sky Expedition Update Full Detailed Information

No man’s sky Expedition Update Guide

“No man’s sky” was a highly anticipated game when the trailer of the game first came. But after the release of the game in 2016, it disappointed the anticipated gamers. Because it was nothing like it was shown in the trailer. But Hello games stick to the game and make the game from nothing to something that gamers call a masterpiece now. After the release of the game, they released a lot of updates for the game that helped them redeem their reputation and provided the gamers something beyond their expectation. Hello, games still releasing updates and introducing new features, items, and contents.

On March 31, 2021, Hello Games released a update called No man’s sky expedition update. In this update, they introduced a whole new mode called Expedition mode. This features a lot of challenges, items, rewards, and a unusual gameplay experience. They also added a mode called target sweeping to the Analysis Visor, new weekend events. The other things coming with this update are new markers, a HUD, latest mission board, some improvements and enhancements in mission, sentinel combat, performance, and some bug fixes.

We’ll tell you about the latest features of No Man’s Sky that come with the update in this post.

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Expedition mode

Before there were only four modes and they are normal, survival, permadeath, and creative. Now we are introduced with a new mode called Expedition mode. In this mode, you get 6 phases where each phase has 8 milestones. These milestones are like tasks ranging from simple to high difficulty that you have to fulfill to get rewards. Each milestone will give you some rewards which will assist you in your journey. The milestones don’t have to be completed in any order. You can complete them as you want.

 For finishing a phase you will get a unique reward. And if you finish all the phases there will be an extra reward waiting for you.

It has a time limit meaning an expedition will go away after a time and start a new expedition. But the duration of each will be different. Each mode will have a different theme, journey, and player character, multi-tool, and starship will be randomly selected.

In this, every player will start from the same planet with a randomly selected multi-tool, starship, and character customization set. Achiving atlas pass in the game will give you many rewards. The multiplayer option will be enabled by default as the expedition mode is about bringing the community together to make a shared journey for players. There are some certain milestones where you have to visit some certain places, and all the players have to go to these places which makes a great get-together moment for the community.

Target Sweeping

It’s a mode added to the Analysis Visor. No man’s sky is an open-world exploration game and to make the player do more exploration-related activities this latest target sweeping mode is added.

Before players followed a marker to reach their targeted location, but now, they have to use the this to find their targeted location.

A lot of missions have been reworked for this new mode. Now when a mission requires you to visit a certain place or building the marker will guide you to an approximate area where the required building is. After landing in the approximate area you have to use your target sweeping mode to locate your required location. The player can also find their targeted location from the air while flying.

Besides locating missions the target sweeping can be used to find resources too.

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Weekend events

From now on each weekend every player will be given some missions to earn some quicksilver and other items.

To get the weekend events you have to go to the NEXUS and meet Polo and Nada. They will give you the weekend missions. Every player will get the same specifically located missions which also brings the community together.

Rewards and new items

No man’s sky Expedition mode update (3.3) not only brings us new modes and events but also some new items and rewards.

In this every time you complete a milestone you get a hand-craft patch which is kind of like a badge. You can use them to track your progress and also make a goal to collect all the mission patches and make an album of achievements.

Now some of the unique also latest items that you can get are a golden helmet and starship, a new jetpack, Atlas fireworks, gold-fringed flag, banner, title, and base part. All these items can be earned by completing the phases of the expedition mode.

The golden starship is actually the Classic Alpha Vector in gold edition. This starship can be claimed by completing the inaugural expedition.

As for other things in the update, you will see that all the mission, building, and pick-up markers are changed with the latest one. The HUD has been redesigned. The mission board of mission agent is also got some changes.

The sentinel combat system has been reworked. Now it is more challenging and satisfying than before.

The Explorer starships texture and models are enhanced making looking cooler than before.

No man’s sky has become a great game and it is becoming greater and greater with each update. You should give visit this game if you like exploration games and or space-related games.

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