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The E-sports events have put a huge impact on the global gaming world. The arrival of gaming consoles, laptops, and smartphones made a global network of players who can smoothly interact with each other freely. The gaming sector is a revolutionary step in this digital era. The games, players, and the competition platforms have higher views than most physical sports games. The worldwide gaming market earned higher than other sports events and the popularity level is at its peak in 2021.

The E-sports events and Custom Sublimation Jerseys are becoming a special part of pop culture, the players who participate in major tournaments are viewed by millions of fans around the world. The gaming product placement in entertainment channels is slowly becoming a trend especially for North Americans, Europeans, and Asians. The E-sports annual tournaments have their separate sponsors and investors. In 2021, this industry has more potential and success rate than the Olympics.

So, the mind-boggling stats of E-sports and famous games are limitless. We have some interesting facts about the most famous E-Sports games which are considered among the prominent profit-generating tools.

Top 5 Most Famous E-sports

So, these 5 kings have made gaming teams and brands successful within few years. The tense competition between the players in each game slot is mind-blowing and becomes an instant trend worldwide. We have gathered some juicy figures related to these five global games which can give you an idea about their influence on the sports and technological world.

E-sports Facts and Statistics


Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG):

I am sure you all knew about this game. PUBG is a South Korean company that started in 2017 and this surviving shooting game defeated its main rival game Fortnite. The major game mode of PUBG was also used by Fortnite in Esports. The official users are 140 players who compete in global tournaments. In 2017, around 327 tournaments were held for PUBG, and prize money was around $32, 850, 450.00

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

  • The tactical first-person shooter game, the fourth main game in the list of Counter-Strike franchise.
  • CS: GO has the highest number of official players and teams as compared to other giant gaming franchises.
  • CS: GO registered players are 1141 players and in 2012, 5527 tournaments were arranged only for this game. And prize money was $111,997,000.00


So, the third-person game is rich in colors made by EPIC games and the direct competitor of PUBG. Fortnite has 314 active official players and in 2017 about 683 tournaments were arranged by Esports. The tournament’s prize money was about $102,226,00.00 Ninja the most recognized Fortnite player became the utmost celebrity among the young generation. Fortnite merchandise and updates stats are higher than PUBG.

Dota 2:

The real-time strategy game has the highest PC users and 572 registered players compete in Esports. Dota 2 arranged 1495 tournaments in 2013 and $231,835,240.00 was the prize money.

Call of Duty (COD):

The first-person shooting game is one of the oldest gaming companies. This franchise earned a maximum from first, second, third, and fourth-generation gaming consoles. COD has only 47 officially registered players but in 2020, they arranged 12 tournaments with 1,248,000.00 prize money. COD Esports tournaments have the highest fan base and celebrity endorsement. This game has huge respect from the E-sports community.


The latest earning is recorded based on total players in each gaming category and here are those figures:

  • PUBG earnings are $7,128,071
  • Counter Strike earnings are $ 4,68,2,484
  • Fortnite earnings are $ 2,556,366
  • Dota 2 earnings are $ 2,510,153
  • COD earnings are $ 1,005,000

These stats clearly show that CS: GO has the highest earning as compared to other Esports games. 

The earning cannot define the most popular game because the viewers and online ticket prices matter and that is what we are going to discuss in the next major category which is the popularity of Esport’s top best games in 2021.



The PUBG franchise is recorded on the 5th level of popularity compared to other games because only two tournaments were arranged in 2021. The PUBG has 3,801,998 viewers and the download of PC/mobile games is slowly decreasing.


The CS: GO is ranked 1st in popularity because of the tournaments they managed to organize in 2021. About 102 Esports events were organized internationally and $110.69 Million prize money is recorded. Based on prize money, Counter-Strike is considered on number two spot.


The kids’ and teenagers’ favorite game is in the 3rd popularity spot with 7 tournaments arranged in 2021 and $99 Million prize money makes this Esports game on the third level. Fortnite has 40, 500 active viewers and 114 210 hours watched globally makes them the best tournament to view in 2021.

Dota 2:

With 231 Million prize money and 23 global tournaments worldwide makes them the elite Esports gaming event. Dota 2 is the 2nd spot in the popularity list with 45.09 Million hours watched and 376 415 peak viewers make them the best contender for the fight of the first spot in popularity.


CALL OF Duty WARZONE has 83.20 Million hours watched and 328 435 peak viewers made a great impression on the Esports audience. They are on the 4th level of popularity with just 3 tournaments occurring in 2021.


So, the upcoming E-sports will be a groundbreaking tournament event with the best players around the world will be participating in this great competition. Great teams such as Team Liquid, Astralis, Fnatic, and Natus Vincere possibly join this epic event.

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