How To Insert a YouTube Video In WordPress

How To Insert a YouTube Video In WordPress

How to insert a YouTube video on WordPress to give your articles an edge? Before explaining, I want to give you some advice. Do not use this content without a specific reason. A movie must arouse curiosity and give an insight to the user. It is not an element that only serves to give a little sparkle to reading.

Indeed, a decontextualized movie risks distracting and undermining your content marketing strategy.

But let’s get to the point and see how to add from YouTube ?.


How to post a YouTube video on WordPress Gutenberg?

Knowing how to insert a YouTube video in WordPress is very simple. Then if you use Gutenberg the operations to be performed have been simplified even more.

Here’s what you need to do: create or edit the page to add the clip to.

Then use the “+” button at the top left of the new editor and type “YouTube” in the search bar.

In a few moments, the platform block will appear: click on it to insert it on your page. At this point, you need to paste the URL of the movie in the dedicated space and go to Embed.

There are also blocks for other video content: Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

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How to embed a video with the classic editor

You have decided to uninstall Gutenberg and go back to the classic editor. How to add a video to WordPress from YouTube?

Choose the clip on the platform and click on the Share button located next to the “like / dislike“options. Then go with the pointer to Embed.

You will then see on the right the code to copy to embed clips on WordPress. Now go to your blog / site page and paste the code where you want the video to appear.

Be careful not to insert code in the visual part of the editor. The reason? Does not work.

There is still more to say if you want to find out how to embed a video in with the classic editor. When you select the Share button, you have several options:

  • Start from: You can choose where to start the clip.
  • Show player controls: show progress bar, pause / play button, volume. If you do not check this item, the viewer will only be able to start or stop the movie.
  • Optimized privacy mode: if you disable this item, It does not store the information of users who visit your page except in the case in which they play the clip.

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Best plugins to insert YouTube videos on WordPress

You can also resort to plugins. Which are the best?

Here is a small list.

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Embed Plus for YouTube

Let’s start with EmbedPlus. This solution allows you to integrate clips but also galleries. For example, playlists or movies in a channel.

SEO video for WordPress

Video SEO for WordPress is a Yoast plugin among the best to add it to WordPress theme. It was made by the Yoast SEO team and has a small cost to bear. What is the advantage of this tool?

The videos on the pages will be indexed by search engines and present in the Google video tab. Don’t overlook SEO for videos. This is very important, especially if your strategy is based on moving images.

WP YouTube Lite

WP YouTube Lite is useful if you want to insert more videos and themes without weighing the page down. Don’t worry, this plugin in “lazy-load” mode minimizes the loading of the movie?

WP Video Lightbox

WP Video Lightbox is the ideal solution. This plugin creates a lightbox for the content on a dark background within the page.

After taking a look at the plugins it’s time to focus on usability. Keep reading.

Insert YouTube videos on WordPress: usability rules

So far I have explained to you from a practical point of view. It’s time to figure out how to enhance usability. I want to suggest some rules to follow.

Before adding a clip to the page, ask yourself if it is relevant to the information you offer in the article and if it interrupts reading. Another important aspect: must deepen the concepts already expressed in words.

A clip in your post must above all be useful and of quality. Do you know how to add YouTube clips to Animation Services website? Do you think this type of content contributes to giving greater thickness to the text or not? If yes then let us know you thoughts about it in the comment section below.


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