WordPress Latest Version 5.6 New Features

WordPress Latest Version 5.6 New Features along with comparison of 5.5 version essential features.

WordPress 5.6 update

It is an excellent platform for bloggers and a great app to showcase your talent and product. Nowadays, lots of companies are using different features of WordPress. And in this way, they are connecting to other people through their content. 

About WordPress

  • For all WordPress core UI, there is an auto-update. 
  • One can turn on auto-updates for major version releases.5.6 a new user interface has been introduced. 
  • One can update automatically from the admin dashboard: You don’t need to manually update WordPress in the update page of your admin dashboard. The administrator can opt-in /out automatic updates for major versions. 
  • For an existing installation, there is no change in the auto-updates. But a user should opt into significant updates.
  • Admin email notifications: It sends an email notification to website owners. To inform them that they have updated their CMS automatically. 


Essential features of WordPress 5.5 version

So, firstly I will tell you some of the essential features of 5.5 version. The main features are: 

Improved block editor: 

In the 5.5 version, we have this improvement in the editor. These changes can help you to use block editors more efficiently. 

Block Directory:

In 5.5 version, we have this integrated block directory. You will automatically see suggestions from the directory to add a block that is not available on your site. Changes in the editor UI improvement in the editor helps the borders and highlighting to make the editor more accessible. 

Edit images:

You can edit the images inside the editor. Height, width, aspect ratio, crop, and rotate can be adjusted without leaving the post editor.

Block patterns:

To change blocks with pre-configured settings that you can add instantly. And this is making it more convenient for the users to make the changes.

Accessible block navigation and movement:

In 5.5, there is much better navigation. And in this way it is making it easier to select parent blocks by merely dragging and dropping.

So, these were the features of 5.5 version. Now I will tell you about the characteristics of 5.6 version.


Characteristics of WordPress 5.6 version

The 5.6 version is Simone, and it was recently released on Dec 8 2020. This is the third major release of the year. 

Gutenberg plugin: 

Many websites in the niche of food, business and entertainment are using Gutenberg plugin. Block editor is also known as Gutenberg. And it is used by so many bloggers to edit their content. Gutenberg plugin into WordPress core is a good option for the editors.

Layout flexibility:

There are more tools to edit your layout with or without code.

Easy video caption:

One can caption the video easily with the block editor; you can add subtitles, upload them within your post or page. 

Improved block patterns:

Block pattern can help you to streamline your workflow. You can create any number of complex layouts by clicking a few buttons. 


So, these are some of the essential features of the 5.6 update of WordPress. Which are very beneficial for the editors and writers.

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