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We all know that YouTube has been an excellent platform to post videos There are hundreds of people who have dedicated themselves to entertaining and informing people thanks to this network. If you want to stand out from the competition. You may need a stylish and unique Intro to attract viewers. It may sounds difficult to make a professional intro for a beginner. But we will introduce some free online tools to help you do the job easily. 

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Why is it necessary to have a good YouTube intro?

Whether your YouTube channel is a video game broadcasting channel, crafts or even a vlog on technological topics, the first seconds that users see within your channel are essential. Because it is the first sign of interest that users will show in you. Therefore, you must show that you are a dynamic person and provide a little information to the person about the central theme of the video or the kind of development they may have. If you have a quality intro, you ensure that your viewers are interested in a more positive way about your videos. With these tools, you can show many more people that you don’t have to have a large budget to create great content.

Top 7 Free Online YouTube Intro Maker


LightMV is a cloud-based intro creator that lets you transform photos and video clips into professional-quality introductory video. The power of LightMV is simple. The archive of bold, brilliant and impressive professional video templates is classified by sector or event category to facilitate your project. You can easily create videos with Full HD resolution on all your devices. LightMV is free, but a watermark and limited resources will block it. VIP subscriptions are charged annually and start at $ 4.99 per month.

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FlexClip is specially designed for users to create video intros to highlight their channels. As a YouTube video maker, It classifies templates into several categories, including business, promo, slideshow, intro and outro, etc. There is a special category for YouTube intro where you can find many fancy templates. You don’t need to download any software to use the app to create intros for your YouTube channel. It has a very intuitive interface. You just need to preview and select the template you want and then customize the photos, texts and colors. If you just want a few seconds intro, try FlexClip for free!


It is one of the best tools you can find to customize the intros that you place for your YouTube channel. With this program, you will have the opportunity to perform different approaches, shots and games of lights and sounds. All this to create the best intro for your video. In general, this is a program used mostly by video game players. As it helps them personalize their broadcasts and has the right approach for the occasion. The difference with other tools is that you can see the intro templates created by other users and share yours in the Panzoid community.


If you are looking for a tool with many followers and hundreds of positive comments, Flixpress is here for you. Flixpress is an online platform, considered by its users as one of the best online sites to create intro for YouTube. This application allows you to personalize your videos with personalized texts and images that you can choose yourself. With this tool, you can upload and insert the videos that you have made on its platform in HD quality. This tool also does not require you to have experience editing videos or photos. You just have to upload a photo, crop it, enter the title and then customize the color and that’s it.

Free Intro Maker

This is a tool created by and for content creators within YouTube. It allows you to use multiple options and instruments to give your videos a professional finish. With its platform, you can create your dream intro in a free and online way.


If you are looking for a platform that provides you with motion graphics tools to create intros for your videos, this is the platform for you. If your videos are based on video games, this website will provide you with all the necessary tools to make your videos have as much visibility as possible.


With this video editing tool, you will have the facility to download multiple intros for your videos. Biteable can be use to inspire you or take basic elements from it to create the best intro for your videos. It has practical elements, which allow you to insert logos, images or gifs into your videos.


From tutorials, reviews of popular products to a vlog, you will always need an Intro maker. However, those content creators who do not have a large budget to invest in creating their content often have to resort to free tools. In this post, we have listed the tools that help you create a good intro for your YouTube channel. Now go and pick one!

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