How to Do Search Engine Optimization in WordPress

SEO is one of the most important aspects of your business. It is essentially what will get your company seen on Google. Without it, you could have the best company in the whole world, but no one will ever get to see it. It is essentially getting it showing up on search engine results when people look for a specific search term.

Search Engine Optimization in WordPress

WordPress is one of the most common places to build your website – and for good reason. With its clean code, ease of editing, and many ways to optimize and personalize it, it is easy to see why. If you have a WordPress and are looking to improve the SEO and leverage your company up a level, or if you are just building a new site from scratch and want it to get off to the best start. Then we have put together some top tips for how you can do search engine optimization in WordPress. Here are some top tips by AAM Consultants:

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WordPress SEO Tips

Choose your hosting provider carefully

A hosting provider is one of the most important elements for improving the SEO of your site. There are so many hosting providers out there and they differ on things such as price, service, and features. Google takes into account a range of features when it comes to ranking and your site speed is one of those. It is a good idea to choose a website host that will ensure your site loads quickly and experiences as little downtime as possible. Before choosing which host to go for, be sure to look at reviews and find one that has a reputation for excellent performance and customer service in case you run into a problem. And need this rectified quickly. After all, the longer your site is doing for or showing errors, the more business you lose.

Ensure that you optimize all your images

Image optimization is also a very important factor for your website and ranking. You need to make sure that your images have all the relevant metadata in them such as alt tags. This will explain to Google what your image is. You also need to make sure that your images are of a good size. This is ideally less than 500kb and around 100-200kb is optimum. This means that your site will load much faster and offer a better user experience.

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Get an SEO plugin

There are a host of SEO plugins on the market such as Yoast SEO which is one of the most popular ones that people use. Yoast will allow you to add in the metadata of your site and also analyze how good your SEO on pages is. Before you publish a page or a post it will show you the SEO score and readability score. And tell you how you can improve it. It will tell you everything from the optimum title and meta description lengths, to how many “follow” and “no-follow” links are in your pages. And anything else you can do for the best score.

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Use header tags through your content

Header tags are really important in your content as they tell Google how your site is structured. A sitemap is one of the most important aspects of a website. And heading tags enable search engine crawlers to determine what is important and how your content is broken up. Header tags also provide a good visual benefit to improve the user’s experience – which is also good for your SEO. Use header tags to highlight new points in a list article or main points that you offer within a page.

Focus on keywords and your metadata

Keyword research is a very important factor for getting your sites and certain pages to rank. You can do this through sites such as Moz or Neil Patel SEO. Once you have discovered the keywords that you want to rank for and that you think you have a good chance of doing so, then you can add these into the backend of your site content and articles. Ensure you use them in your text, metadata, and image data, but be sure not to over-stuff them too much.

These are just a few ways that you can help to improve your search engine optimization through WordPress. WordPress is a fantastic solution for getting your site up and running and having it rank on Google. SEO is imperative to any business and so the sooner than you get it sorted out, the sooner you will notice the difference and you can have even more business coming in.

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