How To Fix Japanese Keyword Hack Attack?

How To Fix Japanese Keyword Hack Attack?

Recently, many websites have become the target of this and now struggling on How To Fix Japanese Keyword Hack Attack?.

Such sites showcase texts in Japanese under keyword results. Therefore, the Google title and description infected pages display words in the Japanese language.

How it occurs?

The Japanese keyword hack attack occurs when such attempts happen to visitors on different search result pages displayed on Google. CMS or Content Management System like Magento, Drupal, OpenCart, or WordPress also auto-generate these search result pages.

The spam pages consist of fake brand affiliate links for different merchandises. The spam products generate revenue and provide outbound link benefits from the owner’s website. Some of the primary reasons for the attack include:

  • An outdated CMS version
  • Third-party plugins
  • Enabled directory browsing
  • Improper file permission

Methods to Fix Japanese SEO/Keyword Hack Attack

●     Sitemap Update

Hackers would try to either add a new sitemap for quickly indexing the Japanese spam pages, or modify an existing sitemap.

Therefore, CMS managers need to notice suspicious links manually to spot and remove them.

Additionally, it would be in the best interest of the website managers to update to the last known clean CMS core files. It would remove any new links, but would also safeguard against new spam pages.

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●     Upgrade to Website Firewall

Besides the Japanese SEO hack attack, there is also a pharma attack. It showcases Viagra, Cialis, and other pharmaceutical products on website SEO URLs or titles. It could corrupt the website credibility and create a social troll if users keep experiencing the issues.

Therefore, it is in the best interest of the website owners to hire a freelance or full-time content manager to handle such issues. Also, the owners can prevent a pharma attack with a website firewall. But it is necessary to keep it updated, and therefore, it would require continuous attention.

●     Fix Japanese Keyword Hack by Updating the Uploads Directory

A CMS system has either an upload directory or wp-content files that showcase blacklisted extensions. “.ico, .js, and .php” would account for a few of them. The corrupted files would also have characters like “rot13, eval, base64_decode, strrev, gzinflate,” etc.

The best practice for the CMS handles would inculcate eliminating files matching these criteria. Optionally, as mentioned earlier, the practice of updating the CMS to its last clean backup would solve this persisting issue.

Moreover, if the blacklisted extension provides an option to move extensions to its list, then it would also solve future attempts by hackers.

●     Copy and Edit the WordPress Config File

Most hackers understand the fact that a wp-config file is crucial for any website. A hacker can attack, gain access, or insert malicious content if the hack becomes successful. Therefore, it is critical to thoroughly scan the wp-config file and eradicate unfamiliar content to avoid a Japanese SEO hack attack.

Unfortunately, a person new to the wp-config file can disrupt the entire website. Therefore, the best practice would involve copying the database connection strings of the WordPress database and creating a new file. After that, replace the original file over the existing file.

The practice of editing remains crucial to safeguard a website from hackers and Japanese SEO hack attack. However, it is more significant to remember that wrongly editing the file close down the entire site.

●     Fix Japanese Keyword Hack By Backup and Running a Malware Scan

Besides a sitemap, and upload directory update, firewall upgrade, and editing the wp-config file, it is essential to back up and run a malware scan. It is necessary to run these methods in sequence to utilize their best benefits.

Backing up a website before a malware scan would prevent the loss of data restoration in case of a mishap or a technical error. Moreover, ensure the backup file with a “.zip” format for the best results.

After that, run a malware scan would detect malicious and malware web server files. Often, a provider gives a virus scanner tool. If it isn’t available, then go for the best in the market to avoid any virus issues from free service providers.

●     Get Rid of Search Console Create New User Accounts

Check the users and property owners on your CMS. Hackers often try to become website owners to gain easy access and conducting Japanese SEO or other attacks. If the user and property accounts show unrecognizable people, then remove them immediately.

In addition to this, also get rid of users that show suspicious activity. If hackers gain website access, they might add spammy Gmail accounts as users or admins. They would again try to utilize the same accounts for changing geo-targets and site settings.

Besides this, the best activity would involve identifying new user accounts in person. Also, ask the employee for the requirement of specific rights. Reassure their needs with their managers. Make sure to customize access as much as possible to safeguard against internal accounts.

It is essential to take safety measurements against the Japanese SEO hack or any other attack to keep the company’s or website’s credibility intact. Moreover, websites providing very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker should become extra careful with such attacks.

Banks, financial institutions, and money lenders should take a few extra measurements. These should include checking the “.htaccess” file, recently modified files, and replace the core, plugin, & theme files.


The Japanese SEO hack attack caused a catastrophic drop and diversion of website traffic. It does so by creating new website pages and showing Japanese text results in search engines.

But by following the above steps you will came to know that How to fix this Japanese keyword hack attack?


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