New Global Data Reveal Education Technology’s Impact on Learning

The constant spread of coronavirus aka Covid-19.

The rapidly increasing death rate.

The shutdown of every social activity.

The only ray of hope: Technology

New Global Data Reveal Education Technology's Impact on Learning

Standing On the Shoulders of Technology

The use of technology has skyrocketed since the pandemic had hit the world. From home deliveries to working, everything is made possible with the help of technology. In this globally depressing situation, it was not a good choice to strip people from the chance of getting educated. For this reason, technology had to be introduced in the education system.

The Renovation Comes From the Destruction

Technology was a part of learning even before the pandemic, but now the whole education system is dependent on it. After the mass destruction Covid-19 inflicted on the world, there was no other way to carry on the chain of education.

New Global Data Reveal

The impact of technology on education has been measured through different studies. This practice is necessary to make sure that whether the new system is useful or not. And if there are some hinders, they can be removed to increase productivity. Due to this, students can get the best experience from this new education system. The new global data reveal the below-mentioned stats.

User’s Effect on Learning Outcome

Technology has been creating some good results in teaching. But the outcomes changes with the user. The new stats show that if the technology users are only teachers, it does not create the desired effects. The best way to obtain the benefits of the technology is when both the teachers and students use the same technology. On the other hand, if only students are the users, it drastically affects students’ progress. This stat is especially applicable to math and science subjects.

The Importance of Devices

Good devices are important in the learning process, from internet devices to laptops and tablets. If any of these devices are of low quality, it creates a negative effect on learning. The data stats collected by PISA show that students with low-quality internet devices suffer during online classes. This means that students with low socioeconomic status cannot get the best productivity level in the technology-dominated education system. Even the students with cheap laptops have low performance than the students without laptops.

The Advantages of Geography

Multiple pieces of research have shown that geography plays an important role in getting the best outcomes in learning through technology. According to stats, American students benefit more from technology-related education patterns.

It has been further found that American teachers have different teaching strategies through technology than the teachers from other regions. This creates a setback for British students. Especially for high-level education students, as their dissertation progress suffers greatly. But technology has also got its backs by providing dissertation writing services London-based, as they help bridge the gap created by geography.

Fast-Paced Learning through Technology

The pace of learning has increased in certain areas. Science is one of the top fields that are getting the most out of this innovative solution. Science departments are using the technology of virtual reality to enhance the lab learning process. The procedures that were difficult to teach in physical classes have become possible due to technology’s expanded horizons.

Comfortable Test Administrations

Now technology has secured its foothold even in the testing area. Before this, testing in various fields was conducted manually. However, this had several drawbacks such as:

  • It could not be carried out on a large population
  • Took long hours during the administration
  • The interpretation was difficult and lengthy
  • Chances of human error were present

Since physical testing is impossible in the current ongoing lockdown situation, it was essential to carry it with the help of technology. Now students can conduct tests in the comfort of home. Even admission testing has been shifted online. So students can get into their desired colleges by taking online tests.

Easy Data Interpretation

Before the testing area received the touch of technology, it was difficult and time-consuming to sort out the collected data and interpret it. But now, students have the option of online testing, which means that the data collected get sorted out and interpreted through software. This saves time and manpower.

A Hub of Information

Internet is the hub of information. And online classes and excessive use of technology in education have digitalized every source of knowledge. So students can easily access information on any subject. This situation is very advantageous for both teachers and students since the libraries have also been shut down.

But as useful as this hub of information is, it also comes with its drawbacks. The major drawback is that most sites have restricted access. And to get access, students have to pay, which is not possible for many students. This especially affects the Ph.D. and post-doc students as they need many sources to complete their dissertation. But good for them, they can even buy a dissertation on their topics. It is true that when in need, humans do find a way to survive and thrive.

A Way to Learn Advanced Technical Skills

To operate technology, one does need good technical skills. And even if they don’t have it, with use and the trick of trial and error, everything can be learned. But other than that, teachers are teaching students how to operate technology from their homes to benefit from this new system highly. Students are being taught by using different online approaches, which are:

  • Online Seminars
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Recorded Demonstration

Final Verdict

Yes, the situation of the whole world and the inability to control the virus even after almost 2 years is pretty depressing. But that doesn’t mean that humans should succumb to it. This effort of merging technology with the education system is a step in the right direction. Yes, it has its drawback in some situations, but then everything has its limitations. So the focus should be on the light it is bringing to students in one of the darkest times. And striving toward overcoming it.

Hope you like the stats that new global data reveal.

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