Importance of Online Learning during COVID-19

Checkout How Importance of online Learning Increasing during COVID-19?

Importance of Online Learning during COVID-19

March 2020 was when schools all over the world were closed down due to the covid-19 outbreak. It was sudden but it was needed for the sake of survival. There was a lot of scare and uncertainty at that time. However, we are in the year 2021 now and we are still not sure about the schooling system.

Drastic turn in education system

The education system took a drastic turn and was hit massively along with the rest of the industries of the world. Teachers adapted to a lot of techniques to continue the education system. While there was also a phase of grouping up the students to partially attend school with social distancing in place.

Not only school went online, but extra-religious classes like the Quran classes in Riyadh also took to the online platform to ensure consistency among its students.

However, E-learning was the only kind of consistent learning that was and is, taking place to educate children. However, research has come up with the pros and cons of this type of education.

Is Online Education Effective?

It is effective to the extent that every student has the resources to gain an online education. A lot of students didn’t have access to the laptop or smartphones, or internet for that matter to attend their classes.

A lot of families also face troubles in terms of having multiple kids, having classes at the same time with limited technology access.

However, there is evidence that it is effective in terms of students’ ability to retain information. The student was more likely to retain and process the information compared to normal classes.

Why is learning online easier?

Because most of our students today are tech-savvy and love the ease of dealing with tech gadgets than books and pencils.

The question of learning online also comes down to the age of the students. With preschoolers, this education is useless. Kids can hardly sit and sitting in front of a screen is a no-brainer. They can lose attention in probably 10 minutes max.

When it comes to elementary school kids, they can somewhat work their way around it, however, it is up to the teachers. And if they can make lessons interactive and impressive the more likely the student can respond and take an interest.

For high schoolers and college students, this type of education works well as they are much more to understand the situation and also able to know their way around the tech gadget they are using to learn.

Benefits of Online learning During Lockdown

The pandemic taught us a lot of benefits & Importance of Online Learning during COVID-19. The benefits are listed below:

  • It is flexible. You can attend your class from your home, from a bus, on your commute. Also if your lectures are accessible to the students at any time, a student can choose its own time to listen to that lecture. This flexibility allows the students to give full attention to the lecture and therefore retention rate is amazing too.
  • It is is evolving every day with a load of trends going on. Microlearning is an effective thing, which allows the student to get an education in small chunks of time, in between classes or meetings, etc. Platforms like Udemy and Microsoft etc. are all offering microlearning certifications that can only benefit students and enhance their professional career as well.
  • E-learning is not fun but it is social as well. Students get to hop on to the different applications to learn together, which makes it fun, unique, and extraordinary. A lot of teachers are coming up with an educational platform that enhances students to interact with each other as well, do group studies, etc.
  • It is is using a lot of tools and applications to enhance education. This increases the possibility of the future of learning and how effectively it can become the new norm. For now, Quran classes in Jeddah are using zoom links, school classrooms are taking place in google meet rooms, etc. You never know what is next.

What are the major barriers of online learning during covid-19 pandemic?

  • This type of education is not easily accessible to low-income families. They do not have the resources to all the tools and applications that can make education easier for them.
  • The virus has impacted the education of a lot of our children, but all we can do is to make the best of it with the resources we have and figure out ways to enhance it and make it available to every single kid in the world.
  • A lot needs to be worked on, and a lot of people are working on it. Which is why the future of E-learning looks bright and practical as well.

So, now we hope that this article has helped you to understand the Importance of Online Learning during COVID-19

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