8 ways to use technology in education

8 ways to use technology in education

Can you think of yourself living without technology in today’s world? No one can think of that when each year we are being introduced to new software and gadgets that are shaping our lives in a new way. Everything is just a click away.

Technology Is Doing Wonders in the Field Of Education:

The importance of technology is increasing rapidly; the impact of technology is not limited but has expanded to education too. Those days are gone when you read the book for information or used paper and pen for writing. With the new technology being at our doorsteps, students can gather information through online sources and can prepare their notes and assignments with the help of online writing tools. 

The current corona crisis also transformed education. To continue the process of learning educational institutes adopt distance learning. Thanks to the technological advancements that make it possible by providing support to students through digital learning platforms. Almost every institute is now trying to embrace technology which is making the academic journey easier for the students.

 Here are 8 ways mentioned below on how you can use technology in the field of education:

The Great 8 Ways:

1. Learn Together, Learn Better

Students can take the learning everywhere they want. All thanks to the technology students can now use the online digital learning platform from anywhere. The communication gap is filled through innovations that include zoom, Google meet, etc. 

Students can now connect with people across the globe which will motivate them to learn about the culture of different countries. Students can now no longer need to bear the loss because of the absence of group members. They all can easily discuss through a video conferencing app. 

2. Learning Through Games:

Learners learn better if they are having fun. Through gamification, kids learn best because they have objectives, goals, and victories to strive for, all while maintaining a sense of enjoyment for the learner. The addictive features of games attract children and teenagers and get them engaged. 

You can create a scavenger hunt virtually by making a list of questions that students need to find answers to. They can also team players and members for better teamwork. 

3. Use the Power of Social Media:

Each social media network has a variety of uses in the classroom, ranging from sharing updates to giving online lectures, and contacting your colleagues easily in case of any discussion. Teachers and students can use a Facebook page to post daily updates related to lessons and assignments.

Students can also take help from Instagram to explain the topic with the help of photos and graphics through which they will learn digital storytelling. Pinterest boards can be the best option for sharing subject-specific worksheets, class material, and lesson plans.

4. Plan A Virtual Tour:

Who will not enjoy going on a field visit? But due to the pandemic educational institutes can’t take students on field trips. Why worry when you can take your students on a virtual tour. 

It may not sound fun but students can still discover the historical places. Visit a foreign country and learn about their culture. Teachers can plan this kind of tour once a month to keep students active throughout the academic year 

5. Podcasts Can Also Do the Work:

In the long term, podcasts for your classes and lectures can help you with the teaching. Teachers can include inspirational podcasts and interviews for the students. E.g. you can include a podcast where an IT manager tells what kind of duties they perform all day? This type of podcast can help students to learn about job roles and responsibilities. 

6. Research Becomes Easy:

Those days are no more when students had to go through the bundle of books to gather the information for their assignments. Advancement in technology makes the research process a lot easier.

Students can now easily find information related to their assignments topic. You don’t need to write long essays as placing an order through online marketing essay writing services has become easy, or if you are a business student and want help with a business dissertation topic. You can search for an online service all possible because of the internet and search engine. 

7. Video-Based Lessons and Slide Show Presentations:

PowerPoint presentations are undoubtedly already a part of the lesson plans. Teachers can also add multimedia with the text in the presentations. This help to draw student’s attention for the whole lecture. The teacher can include:

  • Vibrant pictures
  • Animations
  • Charts and graph
  • Video clips
  • Sound Effects. 

8. Education Is Now Easily Accessible For Everyone:

Do your parents tell you the story of their educational journey? When they walk miles to reach the school without the help of transportation and studied in the candlelight. During that time education was quite difficult to get. Now thanks to technology, even now a physically disabled person can also get an education through an online program. 

Whether you are doing a job or bound with household responsibilities. You can take your class online like so many institutes are now offering online degree programs. All you need is a stable internet connection so you can connect to your instructor easily from anywhere. Your education doesn’t need to suffer anymore. 

Technology Is A Greatest Gift:

Technological integration in the educational field is the most efficient contact between the teacher and students. Technology has surely proved the phrase that “Education is for everyone”. There are so many other ideas that can be involved to enhance the educational process. 

Students get more interested to participate in the projects and the activities due to the involvement of technology. There are so many other ways you can use technology in education. Choosing the right one which can improve the learning process is important. So choose wisely and continue spreading knowledge through technology. 

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