Interesting Ways To Use A Dagger

In this article we will discuss some interesting ways to use a dagger

Relevant and Interesting Ways To Use A Dagger

The last time you might have seen a dagger would have been in a fantasy film or game. Even though you can find multiple examples of their real-world uses, there’s a mysterious ring to a dagger. Instantly the mind goes to fellowships and magic and honor, something fantastical. That is because, from the very start, they have associated with some kind of a dramatic narrative. But if we talk about the blade itself, it is more than relevant and in use today in various ways.

But you didn’t know that you can use a dagger in variety of interesting ways  So, lets get started!

Specific Design

After all, any blade worth its name can be used for a variety of reasons. They aren’t any different but they have a specific design that suits some tasks more. Unlike your regular knife, it is sharp from both ends and usually has a more triangular shape. It is meant for stabbing; that is why “plunging the dagger” is the term used more. 

What Is A Dagger Good For?

Of course, we are not living in a time where you would hear of a cool dagger to the heart or so. But that doesn’t mean that this slim and sharp knife is not useful for modern motivations. Just like any other, you can make use of this dagger in various interesting ways. 

  • One of the prevalent and classic sports alive to this day is hunting. It requires speed, agility, and precision to become a good hunter and enjoy the activity. It’s also quite hard to hunt properly if you don’t have the right tools. So, it is an ideal blade since it’s good for stabbing and ripping that’s useful for hunting animals.
  • If you’re a knife lover and you are into party tricks, it can also be a good throwing blade. Thanks to the lean slickness of the blade and the heavier handle, it can fling and rotate really well. You can use it as a showcase weapon and perform all sorts of antics with it to please your guests.
  • The primary role of a this blade is to be a threatening blade and that’s why it’s ideal for self-defense. But you can find smaller versions of a hidden blade known as a push dagger knife. It is a smaller, wider, and flatter blade that’s embedded in a small object. This kind of push dagger is usually concealed and is wearable so you can keep it close. The modern version of this is a knife necklace that’s undetectable until used.

Where To Find Cool Daggers?  

One of the biggest fans of cool daggers is fantasy movie fans and avid knife collectors. Something is alluring about using and admiring daggers that other knives don’t have. That is why there is also a big market for them.

The issue is that if you turn to antique stores that have authentic collectible daggers; they are pricey. You’ll have to spare a lot of money to buy exactly what you want which is challenging. Another easier alternative is looking for a good online store to find collectible daggers. You will probably get more variety of designs than you would at selected stores in your area. 

Best Daggers Knives For Sale At Low Prices

Whether it is self-defense or collection, finding the right kind of can be tricky. But if you have a good source to look into, you will have a better insight into what’s available.. And you can find a hoard of collectible antique and fantasy daggers online. 

The best option is to buy wholesale knives from a reliable website that boasts a good collection. Import is quite high on the list of well-stocked and diverse wholesalers of cool daggers. When you are building a collection, you need something that will be unique and valuable. 

Expecting to find that for a fair price is a bit of a challenge otherwise but not at Knife Import. They deal in bulk knives which you can buy and sell forward to return a profit. Or if you merely buy one for yourself, the wholesale prices will make it easier to choose more pieces. 

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