Your Precise Guide for Kundan Jewelry

Who is not aware of the this? So lets take a short dive in this Guide on Pure Kundan Jewelry

a kundan jewelry set

This jewelry symbolizes royalty and has remained the center of attention since Mughal Era and made up of Gold as the name Kundan refers to pure gold. Due to its jaw-dropping and unearthly designs and beauty, this jewelry is perfect for your significant events.

If you want to know more about Kundan jewelry then you have to read this article till the end. The forthcoming sections of the article include the detail about its history, making and how it differentiates from costume jewelry and its conventional styles.

So, let’s begin.

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History of Kundan Jewelry

While exploring the origin of Kundan jewelry, it takes us back to the Mughal period. This highly refined and the oldest form of jewelry started from Rajasthan. The sharp and fine artisanship involved in making is commendable. Valuable gemstones are engraved in pure gold foils and this makes it extraordinary.

These precious stones include Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, etc. This particular style is renowned all over the globe. Its ethnic and traditional look compels the person to be a wearer of it. Whether it is your bangles, necklace set, or maang tikka, you could uplift your style by carrying this.

Making of Kundan Jewelry

So, the process of requires professional skills and perfection in each and every stage.

 i.  Steps involved in making Kundan jewelry

  • This procedure starts with a delicate gold foil. It is a preliminary step known as gadhayi in which the framework is prepared. And gold strips are shaped or cut as per requirement.
  • The second step of this process is called khudayi. In this phase, lac or laakh which is an organic tree sap is used and it is filled in the framework. Subsequently, meenakari is done in which the gold surface is occupied with different colors.
  • After that a variety of stones are set on the gold piece. And then liquid pure gold is poured on the setting to make the frames solid. This whole process of making is called Jadau jewelry.

ii. Time required

Do you know how much time is required to make Kundan jewelry? As we discussed earlier, skilled people are required to carry out this process. Even for a minor piece of at least two to four months are required. 

How Kundan Jewelry differs from Costume Jewelry?

In what terms, Kundan jewelry distinguishes from other vintage costume jewelry? There are methods involved in making this known as Kundankari and Meenakari. The other jewelry making processes don’t involve these two processes. Both these procedures are hand crafted. Some of the conventional designs in this include Polki, Jadau, and Meenakari which is also known as enameling.

Final Thought

So, after reading this guide, we are pretty sure that you are going to add it to your jewelry box. When you do so, you are certainly making yourself a style icon. To Buy Online visit

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