Ways to Maintain your Jewelry Box

Ways to Maintain your Jewelry Box

Top 5 Ways to Maintain your Jewelry Box

Your jewelry is like an asset. You have investing in it and will continue to do so. In order to utilize the benefits of this asset for a long period of time, store it in a proper and organized way. Since, it is normally placed in a box so it must be organized. Maintain your jewelry box not once in a while, but almost weekly.

So, read our guidelines till the end to. As it will help you in keeping a systematized and well-ordered jewelry.


Place Similar Items Together

Primarily, just empty your box and clean it adequately to remove dust or other sorts of dirt. Check your items, untangle them if they have knots and clean them with a soft cloth. Afterwards, group the items according to their category like rings, earrings, etc. and place them in the box. Make sure it is dry before you put any piece into it.

Use Organizers

Just placing jewelry in it doesn’t refer to an organized. It is advised to use organizers/separators to make a distinction between necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, etc. No matter what in which order you place, it will get tangled. You can easily purchase organizers either from a nearby shop or an online jewelry store.

Attach Earrings with Ribbon 

Sorting earrings for girls is an acute issue like we discussed earlier that they get jumbled up easily. If you are having a bunch of earrings then attach them with the help of a ribbon or a string. What will happen by doing this? It will occupy less space, not get mixed and there will be no doubt of losing any earrings.

Utilize Binder Clip for Rings

Stacking up rings is not organizing the rings. What should be done? You can use a round binder clip to make sure they do not get scattered. And can easily count your rings, decide which to wear and it will also take less space. You can also monitor easily which rings have lost shine or gems instead of picking up and screen one by one.

Keep the Necklaces Wrapped

Though your box is dry, but still moisture and humidity could increase the chances of tarnishing the items. So, keep your necklace sets wrapped in a soft cloth or keep them in a velvet bag. If you are putting your necklaces in a cloth bag, then wrap them first in the tissue paper. This is because necklaces might get scratched when piled up in the bag. Moreover, place silica bags as well to eradicate any sort of dampness.

Final Thought

We believe that the above-mentioned ways will be quite helpful. You will keep up this practice more than a couple of times in a month and discard those items which are not in use.

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