How To Write A Cover Letter? Step By Step Guide

cover letter

Most of the people always talk about writing a professional resume but cover letters are as important as the resume for Empleos Puerto Rico. If you have very little info about writing a cover letter, don’t worry! We are here to help.

What is Cover Letter?

This letter can be called an application letter. It is a one-page document that contains important information about job seeker like:

  • Work history
  • Key professional skill
  • His/her interest in applying for the job

Your cover letter should impressive because it helps recruiters to screen your job application and probably increase the chances of getting a back call for an interview.

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What Your Cover Letter Must Have?

When you write a cover letter you must follow a basic cover letter structure that may consist:

  • Introduction: Follow an impressive way of writing, don’t forget to mention why you want the job.
  • Body Paragraphs: This section should contain your qualification and skills that make you suitable for the job.
  • Conclusion

Step by Step Process of Writing a Cover Letter

First Step: put your contact details at the top (header)

  • Your full name with first and last name
  • Professional e-mail address
  • The contact number you are currently using

After writing your contact details, you should move ahead with

  • Current date
  • Full name of the person you are writing to with department
  • Company’s address
  • Company’s contact number
  • The email address of the company

Second Step: Address the Hiring Manager with His/her Name 

Using the real name of a person creates an impact. So instead of using dear sir, or Madam, you can go with a name for example:

  • Dear David Smith
  • Dear Ms. Smith
  • Dear (name of the department if you don’t know the name of the hiring manager).

Opening salutation is important and it’s best to start it with the name of a person.

Third Step: Hold the Eyes with Strong Introduction

The introduction is the section where you can hold the manager to read more. So give your best shot. This section may consist:

  • Job Title: the name of the post you are applying for.
  • Company’s Name: The full name of the company.
  • The intention of applying: Add some enthusiastic words.

This section should be eye-catching so you can add your passion and career achievements as  Empleos Puerto Rico.

Fourth Step: Use this section to prove you are fit for the job

In this section, you have to include a body paragraph. Here you can be detail-oriented and can use more words so use this chance perfectly. Remember the following points while writing this section.

  • Be bold and confident but stop being doing it over.
  • Be honest and truthful
  • Avoid irrelevant information

Fifth Step: Close with a request for an interview

Write your closing paragraph thoughtfully, be polite and confident. You must include:

  • Thank the hiring manager for reviewing
  • Briefly summarize why you would be a better candidate
  • Show your excitement about the opportunity and
  • Politely ask for an invitation for an interview.

Sixth Step: Use Professional Salutation while signing off!

  • Some Examples of closing salutations
  • Sincerely
  • Respectfully
  • Regards
  • Kind/Best Regards
  • Thank-you etc.

And now type your full name.        

Seventh Step: Review your Letter Once Again 

Reviewing the letter, again and again, is the key to rectify the mistakes and making your letter impressing.

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