6 tips on How to design a good resume?

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A resume is a great matter of concern for those who are seeking a new job and also want to transfer from one organization to another. Today, resume writing has become an art and it is upgrading simultaneously.

But, indeed, most of the job seekers wouldn’t know the exact way of presenting their resume to their targeted place.

Most time, they have taken the help of an expert resume writer who has experience in designing a resume template. It is the most important material of your job application, you shouldn’t take it as unserious. Because it is not just a paper sheet full of your experience or information, it is more than that.

A resume is a way that can take you to the desk of the interviewer. If you don’t prepare it perfectly, you wouldn’t go to your goal of success.

Well, here are some information gathered that you will note down before attempting to prepare a resume for any job application.

Simple Resume Design ideas

following are the tips to design a professional resume:

Try to keep it as short as possible

You are making a resume to apply for a job and the first thing you have to knowledge is to keep it as short as possible. Because recruiters haven’t so many times to check it from first to last. So, it doesn’t matter your resume consists of one page or two pages, they would just check some common issues like experience, skills.

So, a one-page resume with all needed inquiry will smartly present you and take the recruiter’s attention to you. To keep it shorter, you can include a summary and then optimize other basic information that comes commonly. Your education, work experience, projects, skills, interest, hobbies, awards, and contact information are must included in it.

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Make it ATS optimize

Do you ever know about the ATS system? If yes, then you have the sense of what we are talking about here. If you don’t know about the ATS system, and applied for so many jobs without the knowledge and optimizing your resume, then you have a few chances to get a call to the next stage.

Okay, ATS is a short form of Applicants Tracking System that works automatically to filter a resume based on some issues. In other words, when a job vacancy is open, thousands of applicants apply for that and the recruiters don’t have enough time to check all those.

So, ATS is invented to dilute the pressure of recruiters as it checks and eliminates those which don’t match its system. The qualified resumes are given to the human hand to make a final check.

To save your resume from unexpected machine judgment, you should not use any graphical content like image, icons, tables, or any shapes into it. The best is to use available resume templates that you can find online.

So, take care of it to make it ATS optimized.

Don’t use photo

Don’t include your passport size photo in your resume. If the authority required it, then you can it, otherwise, you shouldn’t. Do you know most countries like the USA and UK don’t prefer to have photos on the resume? On the other way, Germany, Japan, and china preferred resume with a professional photo on it.

Don include unnecessary options

When your main target is to keep it short while preparing your resume, then you shouldn’t use any unnecessary option into it. Many people become poetic when making their resumes. They don’t know that in such a way, they are closed to the option of being chosen by the authority. So, you should keep an eye on and should avoid adding unnecessary options in it.

Fonts, size, and spacing

  • These are the three most important matters to know before going to design your resume. It shouldn’t look too busy, so you shouldn’t use more fonts in it.
  • Use just a single font to the whole that presents it standardly. Don’t tempt to express your personality by using fun or ornamental fonts. Make sure to use fonts that look clean and also easy to read.

Don’t compromise to show your skills and experience

  • Skills and experience are two sections of a resume that should provide in the best way. Many recruiters who don’t see the resume, except those two sections.
  • Where do you work before? What type of skills do you have? Your working experience is something which will let you be chosen. If you are sending a resume to the sector in which you work previously, then you will remain a choice option for the recruiters.
  • Besides, you have to be true while adding your skills to the resume. Don’t include any unnecessary skills that you wouldn’t handle with.

Those simple tips for designing a good resume will keep you ahead of the other competitors if you managed them properly.


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