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A bungalow is a type of building including verandas and in general either single-story or one-and-a-half stories. Every homeowner once imagined having these spacious homes where a peaceful and private lifestyle can be led. Then which factors should be consider in the first place for the successful bungalow project? Regardless of house type, having the right advice upon your requirement and budget should be prioritized. Architectural expertise enables you to save time and money to realize your lifetime plan – building a dream home. Please contact us for a free consultation.


An office building is a form of commercial building to be served as spaces mainly for offices. This working environment requires many different types of equipment such as desks, PCs, printers, kitchen facilities, and so on. In addition, an office building will be divided into several sections for different purposes such as a reception area, meeting rooms, pantry, toilets, etc. Building an office is not an easy job which requires expertise in varied areas such as engineering, space design, project management, and so on. Please book a meeting with our fully experienced architects for the best solution for your office building project.


Your living room is where your story begins. You may use this space for reading, relaxing, and entertaining guests. Or it is also use for a family room watching TV, listening to music and spending time with family together. No matter what purpose is for this space, a comfortable sofa and a coffee table are essential. If you are considering a more sophisticated setting for relaxing, hosting, and entertaining, please let us know. We will arrange our experts to you immediately so that we can understand more your project and give you the optimized solutions.


Where do you count the most comfortable space in your house? None of it compares to the bedroom. This stress-free private sanctuary is where you greet every morning and end your day. In this sense, selecting soothing colours, comfortable bedding, and plush pillows are the most essential part of your interior design plan. If you consider making significant remodelling changes for your family especially your children, please allow us to advise you on a bedroom layout, a colour scheme, and decorations. Our talented designers’ expertise will save you time and money for your remodelling plan.


With the development of technology, a kitchen has more dynamic options in its functions and decorations. Beyond its established role as a cooking place, it’s also used for entertaining, dining, storing appliances, and eating family meals. To embrace all these functions, the kitchen remodelling industry is getting popular than ever. If you have any plans for your dreaming kitchen, let us help you work on the layout, place your stove, refrigerator, cabinets, dining table, and chairs to ensure enough space to cook, eat and entertain. Please email us for further details to talk about.


It is undeniable that the smallest room in a house is a bathroom. However, the size of the space is not a matter at all when it comes to the value of this calm and cozy area. It is decisively considered worth to invest and value-added. A bathroom remodel is not that cheap however, if you consider the quality of life, comfort of your home, and family needs, it will be one of the most worthwhile home investments you can make. Here are full- experienced experts are willing to share useful advice on popular trends applied with smart home technology with you. Please contact us for further discussion.

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When it comes to office interior design, the first question coming to our minds must be whether an office environment really affects productivity. The answer to this question is a resounding “Yes”. Then what kind of factors will be influential for boosting productivity in the workplace? Stats say that the way an office set up, furniture and office equipment allocate can dictate the performance of the entire team. If you’re redecorating or relocating your office, please get in touch with us so that our friendly and talented experts can give you the best solution for your office interior plan.


Interior design plays a crucial role in attracting customers for cafe and restaurant businesses. Good food and great service should not be overlooked as well. Then what kind of approaches can be considered to one step closer to the cafe and restaurant interior design solution?

Regardless of the style and color, being creative with the dining environment would be second to none. If you want to have more insights on creating a colorful, unpredictable dining environment, please do not hesitate to contact us Zebravo SEO Company in London.

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