How to Fix Your Dull and Coarse Hair Without Leaving Your House

How to Fix Your Dull and Coarse Hair Without Leaving Your House

Dull and coarse hair is often caused by a lack of proper moisture and shine. In most cases, the culprit for this condition could be the products that you regularly use and prevent your hair from getting the appropriate nutrition it needs. Other factors may also come into play, such as genetics, your usual diet, hormone imbalances, age, and many more. 

Dry and dull hair can affect both men and women of any age but is more likely to occur as you get older. When your hair struggles to retain the right amount of moisture, it starts to get frizzy and unkempt. This can make it easier for your hair to break apart and increase damage and hair loss as you try to style it. 

Most people book an appointment with their usual hairstylist to remedy this situation and prevent it from worsening. Unfortunately, this can set your savings account back by quite a bit, whereas some people cannot afford to get the regular treatment at all. But just because you can’t visit a hair salon doesn’t mean that you will have bad hair days forever. 

There are several hair treatments you can try at the comfort of your home to help your hair grow and become healthier. But before you can jump ahead and start making your hair care routine, it is essential to understand what your hair needs and how you can manage this long-term. 

Dull and coarse hair is typically dry and lifeless, which can make hair styling a nightmare. Instead of using more products as a solution, consider changing your hair care by trying out the following techniques. 

Top 6 Home remedies to Fix Your Dull and Coarse Hair

1. Oil treatments 

Having dry hair means that your scalp is not holding in the moisture from your products properly. Try boosting your hair conditioner’s moisturizing feature by adding a few drops of coconut oil or Moroccan argan oil. 

This treatment helps strengthen your hair and retain its nourishment more efficiently. You can also adjust the amount of oil you mix with your conditioner to attain different levels of the result you want. 

For best results, you can use the oil as is and leave it in your hair overnight. This deep conditioning treatment can give you pleasing results when you wash it out in the morning.

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2. Clear the buildup with baking soda

Dull hair can come from excess product buildup that has not been properly washed out. It may be a great idea to clarify your hair with a baking soda solution when this happens.

Start by taking two to four tablespoons of baking soda into a container and mix it with water until you get the consistency of paste. Next, gently massage the formula into your scalp and outwards until the ends of your hair. After leaving the mixture for five minutes, wash it out thoroughly and apply a conditioner of your choice. 

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3. Over the counter hair vitamins and supplements

Using hair supplements can give your hair the nourishment it needs by providing the necessary nutrients. These products are easy to attain and can also be bought online, making them a convenient supporting hair care remedy for your routine. 

Vitamins that include A, C, Biotin, and iron help give your hair more shine and strength over time. Other supplements that contain omega-3 can also help lock in moisture. These supplements are usually taken one to three times a day. 

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4. Consider getting a trim

Getting regular haircuts from your stylist can help reduce damage to your hair and make it look cleaner. This can also help you control tangles and split ends that give off an untamed and rough look. 

A major benefit of cutting your hair is that you also get to try new looks as you go along. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are over thousands of online tutorials on how to trim your hair at home that mimic a professional’s handiwork.

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5. Change up your diet

The foods you eat can affect your hair’s overall health. At the same time, sticking to a healthier diet is also better for your overall health and well-being. 

Eating more foods that are rich in beneficial compounds such as omega-3 and healthy antioxidants can help your hair get that naturally healthy and shiny look. Some examples of these foods include tomatoes, walnuts, broccoli, fatty fish like tuna, and blueberries. 

6. Healthy hair, happy life

Dry hair is often the result of product overdose and the lack of a healthy hair care routine. This can cause your locks to look fragile and brittle, leading you down a series of bad hair days. 

Luckily, you can try several DIY remedies to save your hair and your wallet from regular visits to your local hair salon. The best part is that these routines are customizable to fit your needs while helping you attain the results you’re looking for. 


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