FUE Hair Transplant: Facts and Surrounding Myths

FUE Hair Transplant: Facts and Surrounding Myths

Hair transplant offers exceptional services. However, they haven’t managed to reach every patient that needs the services. The problem is not the access or the cost of FUE hair transplant but the myth surrounding the process.

Hair transplant Beverly Hills has invested in a platform where clients can leave reviews. However, not everyone trusts online reviews. So we take the task of educating people about these facts to get the best hair loss remedies. 

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Top 7 Facts and Surrounding Myths

1. Hair Transplant Looks Unnatural

One fear everyone has is to have an unnatural look. So people have peddled lies that hair transplants do not produce natural results—we can excuse the fear mongers since they may not know where doctors get donor hair transplants. 

The early hair transplant involves transplanting micrograft’s of follicle clusters. The results were not perfect but served the purpose. However, it could have generated fear in people who have not yet embraced the advanced technology FUE hair transplant.


FUE hair transplants offer natural results. The technology today allows the surgeon to transplant one follicle at a time. They also have the expertise to observe the natural hair inclination angle and follow it during hair surgery. 

Modern technology doesn’t require you to shave the donor area. You can resume your daily routine a day after the surgery. You will not feel uncomfortable since there was no shaving in the donor area. 

2. Hair Transplant is For Younger People

Several medical procedures limit patients based on their age. The older generation is usually at a disadvantage since science proved they recover at a slower rate. Many people think this is the same with hair transplants.

Older people can accept their balding heads. However, it can affect the esteem of some of them. So they end up looking for several hair loss remedies thinking that transplant doesn’t suit them.


It is suitable for patients of all ages. However, hair loss starts to become prevalent at 25 years. The factor you should consider for a transplant is a healthy donor area. You should also be free of some autoimmune diseases and conditions like diabetes, cancer, thyroid diseases, etc. 

3. Hair Transplant For Men Only

Women were conditioned to accept hair loss and conceal their thinning hair using other methods. They were told that FUE is an invention to fix men’s balding heads. They accepted the myth and stayed away from the hair transplant. For many years, women have sought other hair loss remedies. 


It does not discriminate against gender. As long as a candidate has a healthy donor area, they can have a successful hair transplant. Unfortunately, women are more prone to hair loss than men due to hormonal changes. Although their hair loss is majorly temporary, they can benefit from hair restoration services. 

4. It would help if you Looked for a Donor

Many organ transplants require you to have a donor- There are many processes, tests, and preparations for donors and recipients. In most cases, the donor’s blood does not match the recipient’s blood. Such preparation makes the donation process longer. Since it’s a matter of life and death, the patient must persevere and work harder to find a matching donor. Unfortunately, hair isn’t life-threatening, and people choose to abandon the process before proper research.


You do not need to look for a hair graft donor. The doctor extracts hair from healthy parts of your scalp. In most cases, it’s the back and sides of your head where it’s hard to lose hair. FUE hair transplant has advanced such that the doctor can extract grafts from other body parts. You can sacrifice the hairs you feel you don’t heed from your chest, armpits, groin area, and leg

5. Transplanted Hair Needs Special Care

There is an ounce of truth in this. The first month is delicate and determines the success of your hair transplant. After that, you need to take extra care of your hair. However, many people fear committing to a lifetime of delicate hair care.


Transplanted hair heals with time. You only need to dedicate the first one month of care, Once the grafts heal. After that, you can handle your scalp normally. There’s no danger as the hair will behave like the follicles that were originally on site. You can even have different hair does without fear of plucking the hair. It would help if you avoided tight hairdos as they pull your edges- whether the hair is natural or transplanted. 

6. You’ll Need Medication to Boost Hair Growth

Many people think that a hair transplant will not work without the assistance of hair growth medication. It’s a myth peddled around by people who want to sell other hair loss remedies. But if you were using the hair loss medication, then you can continue with the drugs. They prevent the surrounding hairs from shedding.

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Hair transplant is permanent. It involves shifting healthy hair follicles to a bald area. Once the grafts attach to the new environment, it produces the hair normally. What you need is a healthy hair care routine to prevent the surrounding hairs from shedding. 

7. Not Affordable

Insurance does not cover hair transplants. They consider transplants as cosmetic surgery- A patient foots all the bills from their pockets. Since celebrities are the ones that have more hair surgeries, people think they are unaffordable.

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FUE hair transplant is affordable. All you need is to calculate the cumulative cost of other hair remedies. You’ll see you need just a little savings to fix your appearance. 


Hair restoration Beverly Hills offers a range of hair loss remedies. It would help if you didn’t fear FUE hair transplants due to the myths surrounding them. The facts above will help you make the best decision for yourself.

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