An All-Inclusive Guide to Treatment for Hair Loss in Covid

An All-Inclusive Guide to Treatment for Hair Loss in Covid

Covid hair loss is average after you recover from the illness. Most patients lose hair after having a fever, and the fever is one of the signs of Covid 19. Most patients prefer hair shedding as hair loss. The shedding goes on for about three months after the fever. This type of shedding is medically referred to as telogen effluvium. A frenzy of illness may force more hair to shed. More hair always falls after brushing or showering. The hair shedding will then last up to nine months and then stop. After that, your hair then starts to grow every day, and the shedding will stop.

Why do we loss hair in Covid?

Hair loss is a rising surprise symptom of covid 19. A significant number of covid 19 patients have reported losing hair in the months after contracting the illness. Losing hair and having patchy thinning hairlines is yet another symptom of coronavirus.

Doctors say that hair loss is a result of the stress and trauma of dealing with corona. The condition at which patients lose hair after having a concussion is referred to as Telogen effluvium. This condition also makes them stop growing after you go through a trauma.

Covid Hair Loss Treatment

Here are some of the ways that you should use to prevent this hair loss:

  • Make sure to wash your hair well. According to most specialists, the way you wash your hair will help you keep more of your hair.
  • You are advised to wash your hair towards your face instead of going back to your scalp and neck.
  • If you have recovered from the illness, make sure to keep your hair short. As it will reduce the pulling of the hair follicles, and this will reduce hair shedding.
  • Long hair tends to weigh more, so it may put more pressure on the follicles, increasing the shedding. Also, make sure to clean your hair well.
  • Avoid tools like dryers because they will make your hair more brittle, and they might fall. Also, make sure to use conditioners on your hair. These conditioners have amino acids that will help repair damaged hair and help keep them smooth.
  • It is also good to understand your scalp so that you might select the best shampoo. For example, if you over-wash hair with a dry scalp, it might cause hair loss.
  • Also, if you do not wash oily locks three times a week, your hair might start falling.
  • Your shampoo should not contain harsh chemicals because they usually make your hair prone to breakage.

Treat Other Medical Conditions That Cause Hair Loss

Many medical conditions might lead to hair loss. Issues such as hormonal imbalances, low thyroid, and lack of iron always cause hair loss. Especially if you are dealing with trauma that resulted from covid 19, to avoid severe loss, make sure to treat the underlying medical conditions. This will then help the restoration to go quickly. Also, make sure not to overuse the supplements and medications like testosterone and human growth hormones. These supplements may cause hair loss and shedding mainly if you overuse them.

Also, some conditions like alopecia areata lead to hair loss. This autoimmune illness affects both men and women. You can treat this condition using hair transplant surgeries. Alopecia areata creates round patches on your scalp and can make you bald. In most cases, you will regrow. Aging as well may cause your hair to start falling. When we become old, hair growth will slow down.

The hair strands will become small and will also have reduced pigments. This will make your hair thinner, more refined, and grey. If you want to keep your hair healthy as you grow older, make sure to take healthy meals. If your hair becomes grey prematurely, you will find supplements that will help you. Old patients who have recovered from covid should seek hair loss treatment to help boost their hair growth.

Diet and Exercise

To make you grow healthy and thick, make sure to avoid unhealthy diets. Nutrients will help to keep your hair healthy and hairline in good shape. Other than healthy diets, it is also essential to exercise. Meditation is the best way to reduce hair loss in covid 19.

Avoid Chemical Treatments

Harsh hair treatments such as straightening, perming, and coloring will make your hair week. Make sure to avoid blow dryers, curling especially if your hair is wet. These treatments make your hair brittle and cause breakage. Dry your hair with the blow, make sure the heat is low. Also, make sure to use natural oils on your hair. Make sure to massage your hair with these oils once a week. Then cover them with a shower cap after some time, wash them with a mild shampoo.

Egg Mask Hair Loss Treatment

Lost your hair due to covid 19, an egg mask would be the best remedy. Eggs have several supplements that will help to regrow your hair. to make the mixture make sure to separate the egg white into a bowl and then add three teaspoons of olive oil. After that, pour it on your scalp.

Final Thought

Covid hair loss has been proven to cause temporary hair loss. The hair loss is due to the fever and stress caused by the pandemic. If you suspect that your hair is falling due to stress or telogen effluvium, make sure to call a dermatologist. He will examine your scalp and tell you what causes the hair loss.

Hope you like the article and do let us know which treatment you like the most for covid hair loss.

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