How to create a Travel Blog with WordPress and make money

Are you a frequent traveler and plan on sharing your travel experiences with others through WordPress? By following a few simple steps and putting up the best visual content you can create a Travel Blog with WordPress and make money through what you love the most.

create a Travel Blog with WordPress

Top 4 Steps to create a Travel Blog with WordPress and make money

Signing up on WordPress

The first step is signing up on the website. You will register on the site with your email account and set a username and a password for login. This step is pretty much straight forward. Once you are through it, you can go on to choosing the right domain for your blog.

Finalizing the domain 

Your domain will be the code of your website’s identity. Therefore, finalizing the best name will be essential. WordPress being a web hosting site, offers several forms of domains that come at different price rates with varying functionalities. Whether you want to go with a subdomain or are comfortable with buying a domain name that does not include “.WordPress” into it; make up your mind, or you can always do it later too. 

You will begin with jotting down all the names that you can come up with. Do a bit of brainstorming and researching. Finalize something eye catchy and check for the availability of the domain name you are ready to buy. As long as the domain you have in mind is available, which means, others have not already bought it, you can get your website up and running in no time.


If your blog is based on travel in Dubai, the best domain names will include the words travel and Dubai, however, other interesting names can also be used. Keep it short and simple, that is easy to remember, while being unique at the same time. 

Selecting the theme

Theme selection is crucial as it sets the tone of your blog. You will have to do a bit of research on color psychology and choose a theme which will indirectly make your readers continue to be on your website. Travel blogs are meant to be exciting and adventurous especially when they are for a fun city like Dubai. Invest some time on this and finalize the right theme.

Start writing

With these simple ground rules done and dusted, you can begin with adding content to your website. The best blog that details Dubai city tour has to contain outstanding content paired with some truly exciting images. Based on amazing travel spots such as the magnificent sight-seeing buildings like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and adventurous, fun-filled sites like Desert safari Dubai or ski Dubai. 

Login on the website and select the add post option to begin. Make your content consisting of all essential details ranging from price, food or dos and don’ts. Only something that readers want to know about, so visiting your site can be valuable for them. 

How to make money through writing?

Making money online is not simple. However, once you have achieved the stage where your website gives interesting and useful information, paired with good marketing tools you can begin making money in no time. Persistence is key – continue to do what you love to do. 

  • News-casting is a splendid profession course for anybody with an affection and ability for composing. And we truly suggest making it work if it’s what you need to do.
  • It’s imperative to perceive, however, that it is a serious industry. And it has gained notoriety for including a considerable measure of low-paid work and neglected temporary jobs for youthful essayists who are simply beginning.
  • In any case, while it’s not in every case simple, it is feasible to bring in cash as an understudy columnist.
  • While you don’t really should consider news-casting to begin getting paid to compose articles. You do should be a solid author with an incredible eye for stories and splendid scrupulousness.
  • To fire developing your composing portfolio, we propose adding to the understudy paper or magazine at your college from the start. It’s additionally a smart thought to begin a blog (more on this later) to grandstand your inclinations and composing capacity.
  • Whenever you have a strong portfolio, you can take a stab at testing out article thoughts to authorizing editors (these are writers who commission articles for their distribution). In the event that they like your article thoughts, they could enlist you to compose for them on an independent premise.
  • The sum you’d procure per article will shift contingent upon the distribution and length/style of the piece. Yet you could be taking a gander at £100+ for authorized articles in top papers.

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