Elizabethan Era VS Present World Fashion Trends.

Comparing the clothing in the Elizabethan Era with the present world fashion trends.

queen Elizabethan posing in the picture with tradition clothes of her era

The reign of Queen Elizabeth is known to us through history as the Elizabethan Era. This time period is marked from 1558 to 1603. It was the time of great artists including the famous playwright Shakespeare and many of his contemporaries. You may find it odd to talk about a time that existed so long ago any of us but clothing plays a very important role for us in all time periods of life.

Fashion Comparisons

When we relate to the clothing of that era to the one we are living in now, we get a better understanding of how we adopted all these trends. Fashion never dies. It just keeps changing its forms.

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Clothing Styles

In the time of the Elizabethan era, the clothing was used as a mark for showing off wealth and integrity. If not wealth; people thought that clothing and many other accessories that accompanied it were a major representation of their personalities and their true selves.

  • There were gowns with high puffed sleeves and collars.
  • They were not particular for a specific gender. Men and women both could wear it.
  • The ruffs were considered a major and very important part of clothing for everyone.
  • The Queen herself wore ruff around her collar whenever she went out to address the people. It showed them the way they were supposed to dress up.

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It is the same way we adopt the present world fashion trends of celebrities in the contemporary world. We have set role models for ourselves through social media.

In the Elizabethan era, the role models were set to be chosen from the elite class and the Queens. The most prominent reason for this was that clothing dictated not only the personality but also the class status of the people at that time. People determined and judged each other on the way they were dressed up. It is the same thing that happens in the current time.

If we look at someone wearing denim ripped jeans and expensive branded luxury clothes, we instantly make a wealthy image of them in our minds. On the other hand, if we see someone who does not fit the modern fashion trends, we tend to judge them for being too cheap for adopting and understanding fashion. 

Jewelery Choices

The difference occurs between the two time periods when we observe their jewelry choices. Elizabethans wore heavy and bold jewelry in order to make themselves prominent. It also made a good match with their long heavy and loose dresses. They focused more on supernatural beauty.

We, on the other hand, desire to wear minimum jewelry and ironically minimum clothes. We have become more rational and bold. Logic and science seem to satisfy us more than anything else.

The very importance of fashion trends is obvious if you see the ramp walks held on the themes of Elizabethan Era. Many models and celebrities are expected to dress like the women in Queen Elizabethan time. Many theatrical plays are loved by people not only for the performance of the actors but for their dress code and set up.


The comparison gives us a brief overview of how we are similar and different from the Elizabethans in our ways. Every time holds equal importance when it comes to your clothing and your personality. None should think of compromising on it. But we need to know that every period is different. There are loopholes and plus points in every situation. Only those who realize this difference and accept it shall survive in the world.

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