Top ten summer outfit ideas to try in 2021

Summers have started to knock our doors. While you might be thinking of revamping your wardrobe and buying a new summer collection, chances are that you already have it with you. All you need to do is find the perfect pairing for your blue ripped denim jeans. If you have been looking forward to creating new and trendy style for yourself then we bring to you 10 perfect outfit ideas that you can style up this summer and ace your OOTD goals right away.

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Latest Summer outfit Combinations & Ideas For Girls

Short Kurti with Denims:

Short kurtis and denims are always the best combo. They are comfortable and make you look elegant and chic. When you pair up a kurti with jeans, it forms a perfect blend of Indian and foriegn. If you believe in the saying that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication then you can try pairing jeans with a kurti and it will not disappoint you. To add up to the look pair them with long earrings and juttis to be like the diva that you are.

The dress and denim jacket combo:

A short dress when paired with a denim jacket can never go out of fashion. The best thing about this combination is that you can paira neutral hue dress or a patterned one, both will look great when you are wearing a denim jacket. You can air this combination with white sneakers. There are several options from which you can choose. Be it a flared dress, an A-line one or a body con dress, a denim will just go with literally anything. You can explore dress options on Myntra and get the perfect pair for yourself. 

Oversized t-shirt with ripped jeans:

Oversized T-shirts are loved worldwide. Especially when they are paired with ripped Jeans. Oversized t-shirts are extremely comfortable and airy. This is one main reason why they make up one of the best summer wear options. You can pair it up with jeans and style it as you like. If you prefer a chill and easy style then this can be your go to look. 

Floral shirt with neutral shorts:

This style is inspired by the men’s wardrobe but the fact that floral shirts look best when paired with neutral tones cannot be ignored. This combination gives you a cool and funky appearance. You can pair it up with neutral color shoes to look chic and trendy this summer. 

Culottes with crop tops:

Culottes are like palazos but shorter in length. They are the best wear for summers because they are very airy and comfortable. You can pair these bottoms with some many options. Be it crop tops, kurtis, t shirts or blouses. Culottes look beautiful with everything. So pair it up with the crop top and rock the trend this winter.

Flared Jeans and top:

It have been on top even since the year began. Flared jeans and tube tops make up a perfect outfit for all places. You can pair these jeans with sleeveless tops, crop tops, high neck ones and a lot more. And if you have a good height then this pair of jeans is going to enhance you even more. Pair up flared jeans with a crop top or a high neck top to ace your OOTD goals.

Wide leg jeans and Top:

They are the best and most trendy bottoms that you would definitely want to include in your wardrobe. One main reason behind it is that they are very cool and comfy. You can pair them up with trendy crop tops to formal shirts and get the perfect summer style for any occasion. Try pairing it with a t-shirt and denim shirt over it. Pair it up with white shoes to look classy.


Jumpsuits are the best way to stay in style with the minimum possible effort. They make you fashionable without much effort. Pair up a jumpsuit with a headband and handbags to look elegant and stylish this summer.

Crop tops and Long skirts:

Long skirts have a vintage and classy feel attached to them. When you pair them up with crop tops, you make the best outfit for summers. Skirts are airy, chic and beautiful, try this with your favourite crop. You can add accessories, wear a bracelet or a headband to enhance the look even more.

Ruffled tops and jeans:

If you have more of a feminine style of fashion then you can try this outfit. The ruffled top enhances your shoulder area and when you try it with high waist jeans, you can get a perfect outfit for all days. You can find many ruffled tops over Amazon and Flipkart.

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