4 Types of Preventive Maintenance You Should Consider Every Year

Here are the 4 types of Preventive Maintenance that must be considered at least once or twice a year, as recommended by a leading Range Rover Workshop!

4 Types of Preventive Maintenance You Should Consider Every Year

Although regular checkup of the car is very important. But in today’s full of hassle routine, the car goes into the garage only when some kind of person arises. From going to work, to driving to the store for home groceries, vehicles have become much more than simply a means of travel. A detailed check-up is vital for an object with that much of a worth. Minor faults are always taken care of in the regular checkups, but some of the foremost mechanisms of your vehicle that your driving bases upon must be checked annually and if not, you might have to face devastating circumstances 

4 Types of Preventive Maintenance

Following are the 4 Types of Preventive Maintenance You Should Consider Every Year:

1. Tire maintenance 

Tires are one of the most important components of any vehicle as they are the only components of the car that have the point of contact with the road. Still, we often overlook the conditions of tires until it is too late.

If your tires are not in good condition, it can only increase the chances of you being involved in some kind of road accident while you are driving. Bad or damaged tires often result in affecting the smooth running of your vehicle. Therefore, you must get your tires looked over by an expert once or twice a year and even renew tires annually.

Here are some of the ways which can assist you with the maintenance of tires just so you can enhance their durability:

  • Regularly look over the tire pressure
  •  Inspect the state of your tires 
  •  Ensure the wheels are aligned
  •  Keep an eye on the maximum load
  •  Rotate your tires to check the road grip
  •  Practice good driving habits
  •  Beware of the Krebs

2. Gearbox maintenance 

Owning a car in today’s time is easy but maintenance of the car is a promise that not everyone can keep. The most important aspect of car maintenance is the gearbox, which is a complicated factor, yet quite easy to sustain if given proper attention.

The first thing that you should need to know is when does your gearbox need maintenance. Whenever your car is having difficulty in turning, your accelerator is not functioning properly, you feel that your car is vibrating when you give gas, you see any fluid leaks or hear and kind of squeaky noises coming from the bottom of the car. That is the car calling you for either gearbox maintenance or replacement. The reason behind all this fault is rash driving, not oiling the box enough, or simply just gear shifting at the wrong time. Gearbox, for it to work efficiently, must be checked at least twice a year and is advised to be replaced annually. For maintenance purposes, the following tips must be kept in mind as they are extremely necessary, not only for the beginner but also for experienced drivers:

  •  Shifting appropriately 
  •  Warming up the car thoroughly before driving
  •  Changing oil in the gearbox frequently for lubricative purposes
  •  Check for leakage frequently
  •  By keeping the gearbox clean

3. Brake maintenance

Imagine you are going up hills in winters or for summer vacation. No matter what your age is. But before hitting on the road you should always verify how well your car brakes are behaving. Especially if you’re traveling in winters, there’s quite a chance of snow and ice on the roads, so you must ensure your brakes are properly maintained. When your car slows down in heavy traffic or you stop at a red light, your brakes are fully engaged. With consistent usage of the brakes, there’s quite a chance of wear and tear over time due to friction, resulting in ineffectiveness. Frail breaks not only reduce the longevity of your vehicle but can also prove fatal for you and your dear ones.

The braking system of your vehicle is complex but surprisingly simple to maintain, even by yourself. You must inspect and make necessary repairs to every component to ensure all parts are working as they should. The braking system of the car must be checked thoroughly 2-3 times a year for safety purposes, to avoid the I hardly make it phase, it is advised to replace the braking system annually. 

Here are some of the tips that must be followed while getting the maintenance of the braking system:

  • Flush your Brake Fluid
  • Check Brake Pads and Rotors
  • Bleed the Braking Lines
  • Replace Brake Parts
  • Full Braking System Care

4. Full body checkup

To maximize the life and performance of your vehicle, you should get your car checked frequently. Taking care of the minor damages every month is not enough, rather your car should undergo a full and detailed body check-up annually. Because being sure about driving your vehicle is only possible when you are well aware of the fact that all the faults, external and internal, are taken care of.

So, there are two types of check-ups that your car should always undergo while your car is in the garage:

Short Term Check-Ups

Such type of check-up must be considered monthly or at least after every 2 months:

  • Oil and Coolant Levels
  •  Air Filter
  •  The pressure and Tread Depth
  •  Headlight, Turning Signals, Brake and Parking Lights
  •  Oil and Filters
  •  Rotate tires
  • Regular cleaning

Long Term Check-Ups

This type of check-ups is mostly the kind of check-ups that must be done twice a year for the durability and stability of your vehicle:

  • Transmission Fluid
  • Transfer Case Fluid
  • Inspect Shocks and Struts
  •  Coolant Fluid Exchange
  •  Spark Plugs
  •  Serpentine Belt
  •  Front/Rear Differential

Seasonal Check-Up

The needs of your vehicle vary according to the change of the season. Following are the few suggestions that must be taken care of before the arrival of any season:

  • Replace Windshield Wipers
  •  Battery Performance Check
  •  Change tires
  • Check Coolant Levels

Such regular and annual inspections can result in your car to be as smooth as a butter and as fast as a leopard. The maintenance might make you spend some money at the start but this investment is far less than buying the whole of the car. Such maintenance makes your car last longer and as a result, you can be easy, carefree, and comfortable while driving your vehicle.

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