The Complete Guide To Clean The Windows And Headlights Of Your Car At Home

The Complete Guide To Clean The Windows And Headlights Of Your Car At Home

Keeping your car clean is a tough job, especially those windows and headlights are the stubborn parts that will not make your life easy.

Doesn’t matter if you own a sports car or one of those best handling cars. If you want to stand out, you need to keep it clean.

Not everyone is good at taking care of their cars. Some take professional help, while some completely ignore the task.

You might think cleaning your vehicle’s windows & headlights is not a big deal, but it is not the case. Filthy glass windows and headlights can harm you in the most unexpected ways.

Do not worry if you are not a cleaning wizard. Today we have a complete cleaning guide for all the car owners that will help them keep their vehicle up and tight at home.

So let us get started.

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How to Clean The Windows And Headlights Of a Car Professionally at home?

Today we will discuss how you can keep the windows and headlights of your vehicle clean. 

Cars are nothing but an amalgamation of high-end pieces of machinery. To make sure yours is well intact and working properly, you need to take good care of it.

Things You Will Need

Before we begin the cleaning process, let us talk about the things that you will be needing to perform the task.

  • Four clean microfiber cloths
  • Glass cleaning spray
  • Reach and clean tool 

Cleaning The Windows

To make sure the windows of your vehicle are spotless, you need to clean those inside out.

1. Cleaning the exterior of the windows

  • Apply the glass cleaning spray evenly on each window frame.
  • Crack open all the windows slightly so that you can clean the top of the glass as well.
  • Start from the top of the window and go in horizontal motion down.
  • After you have scrubbed off the window well, use the microfiber cloth and the water to wash the glass.
  • Now use a microfiber cloth to dry the glass.

2. Cleaning the interior of the windows

  • With the help of the microfiber cloth apply the glass cleaning agent evenly on all the parts of the glass.
  • To make sure there are no smears left on the glass, clean the window in the vertical direction.
  • Use reach and clean tools to reach the far corners, especially of the windshield.
  • Lastly, use water and a microfiber cloth to clean and dry the glasses.

Cleaning The Headlights

Taking care of your vehicle’s headlights is just as important as its windows. Headlights provide the aid of light during the necessary time making your ride comfortable.

However, if you have tinted or stained headlights, it can become a reason for a fatal mishap on the road.

Thus, it is better to keep them shiny than suffer from them later.

  1. Use the glass cleaner to clean the headlights of your car.
  2. Apply the glass cleaner evenly with the help of your microfiber cloth.
  3. Let it settle for a minute or two.
  4. Then use the microfiber cloth to scrub off the surface well.
  5. Make sure you are doing it evenly and not too much force.
  6. After you are done with the scrubbing, use water and a microfiber cloth to wash and make it dry.

How To Remove Stubborn Stains From Car Glass?

It is normal to have some stubborn sticky stains on your glass windows and the headlights. Sometimes the regular cleaning method won’t be enough to remove them.

Dried bodies of dead bugs, oil stains, tree saps, bird droppings, etc., are some of the most stubborn stains you can encounter on your car.

To make sure you wipe them off your car like a champion, you need to use a strong cleaning agent.

  1. Look online to find the best product available in the market. 
  2. Apply the product on the stain and let it sit for about ten to fifteen minutes.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth to scrub off the area with good pressure.
  4. After you have scrubbed off the surface well, wash it with clear water.
  5. At last, use a microfiber cloth to dry off the area.

Extra Tips To Keep Your Car Clean

  1. Always park inside.
  2. If inside parking is not possible, park in the shade.
  3. Use car covers to protect your vehicle from dust & dirt.
  4. Clean your car once a week.
  5. Go for professional cleaning once every three months.


Windows and headlights are the crucial part of your vehicle that must be clear for your safety. You don’t need to be an expert to maintain the cleanliness of your ride.

We hope this detailed article about cleaning your vehicle’s glasses will help you keep your car in the best shape.

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