Is it dangerous to paint the brake calipers of the car?

Today we will figured out that is it really dangerous to paint the brake calipers of the car? Painting theĀ brake calipers ofĀ sports cars has become fashionable in recent years among fans of this type of vehicle.

Since in this way the part stands out behind the rims, transmittingĀ a much sportier image.Ā However, this common practice can endanger your safety if you do it without the proper paint and without the help of a specialist.

So below we tell you everything you need to know aboutĀ the risks of painting brake calipers. And now you can buy cars from Auto For Trade.

The brake calipers are one of the most important parts of the braking system, since their main task is to put pressure on the brake pads and produce the necessary friction against the brake disc to reduce the turning speed of the wheels. A failure in them can cause a braking difference between the wheels of the same axle or an excess of pressure and the calipers will be immobilized. Therefore, it is best not to manipulate them just for aesthetics, since you can endanger your safety and that of other road users. However, if you decide to paint them, you should take into account the risks of doing it wrong:


First of all, you should know that the clamps painted in factories use aĀ paint specially designed to withstand the high temperaturesĀ at which these parts normally work, much more resistant to light and atmospheric agents.Ā 

So, If you decide to paint the brake calipers of your car yourself . And use aĀ sprayĀ or paint without these pigments. You should know thatĀ it will not last longĀ when exposed to inclement weather. And that and after traveling thousands of kilometers itĀ may return to their original color . And The paint may peelĀ and cause a mishap.

Second, as we have just mentioned, the paint used in the factories ensures that the high temperatures generated by the friction that the calipers exert with the brake discs to stop the car do not compromise its performance. 

However, choosingĀ a bad paint can cause the brakes to overheat, a factor that can eventually lead to a traffic accident.

Third, you must have a good understanding of mechanics toĀ disassemble and reassemble the brake calipers. Since it is a complicated task.Ā If you do it wrong, you can cause damage to other vehicle components, and again, you risk an accident.

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If you want to change the color of the brake calipers of yours car . It is best to buyĀ parts that are already factory painted. There are certain official distributors, such as Brembo. Who sell these pieces with maximum security and with a large catalog of colors.Ā Another option is to go to aĀ workshop specializedĀ in this type of component.

What isĀ totally inadvisable is that you paint the brake calipers yourself. Since you do not have the appropriate industrial paint for it and you probably do not have the necessary knowledge to disassemble and mount the wheel.

A specialist must carried out the task . To carry out preliminary operations on the hydraulic part with knowledge.

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After all the changes you made your car must pass the vehicle technical inspection test . And You must bear in mind that the brake system is one of the aspects that is most examined. So, if the brake calipers of your car do not have the correct paint either they are badly painted or . They have a part that does not correspond to the car model . ThenĀ you might not pass the ITVĀ .

Keep in mind that all modifications made to the brakes are considered important reforms. So your car must need the corresponding approval

For this reason, you must have a technical project and a final certificate stating that . The reform has been carried out according to the project and that it is signed by a qualified technician.Ā In some cases, a braking test can also be requested to justify the directives before the ITV.

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