Which Cloud Certification is Best? Google, AWS or Azure?

So, if you are reading this article then you definitely want to know about the best cloud certification? so lets get started

The delivery of computing services is known as cloud computing. In the cloud computing services, there come servers, storage and networking etc. Cloud computing is helpful for users in various ways. It is a cost-effective way to maintain your data. It is delivering the right amount of services to users. Cloud computing is running on a wide number of secure data centers. Therefore, it is enhancing performance. The users can also get secure services. Google, AWS and Azure are the best cloud certificates.

These three cloud certificates have their advantages and disadvantages. Here, we will compare these three cloud certificates and try to know which is the best cloud certification for you. 

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AWS (Amazon Web Services):

 The public cloud market of Amazon is its biggest strength. That’s why AWS is leading the market during the last ten years. The operations of this cloud computing service are also impressive. It has also a comprehensive network of data centres. It has also become the most mature web computing service. By using this service, users can also use a wide range of users and resources. Anyhow, its pricing structure is complicated for the users. Most of the users can’t understand this pricing structure.

Microsoft Azure:

 The main strength of the Microsoft Azure is in its on-promises software. Microsoft Azure has come into the market after AWS but it has become one of the most important cloud computing services because it has on-promises software. To provide the best cloud computing services, this cloud computing service is using Windows server, SQL servers and other services. As we know that most of the enterprises are deploying on the Windows and MS Word. That’s why it is making sense for the enterprises to use this cloud computing service. 

Google Cloud: 

Google Cloud is also providing lots of cloud computing services to users. In these cloud computing services, there comes Big Data, machine learning and analytics. Due to lots of data centers, it is ensuring the fast loading time for the users. The load balancing feature of Google Cloud is also notable. It is also offering considerable scale for the users. The only downside of this cloud computing service is that it is not offering enough global data centers for the users. That’s why most of the users are using it as secondary cloud computing service. 

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Google Cloud vs AWS vs Microsoft Azure: 

As we have discussed earlier that these cloud computing services are offering different features to the users. Here, we will compare the features of these cloud computing services. This comparison is given below by experts of a dissertation help firm;

  • Compute:

EC2 is the compute service of Amazon. In the form of the EC2 compute service, it is providing a secure and compute capacity to the users. In the form of EC2, Amazon is providing lots of services to the users. The support of its services is available for both Windows and Linux. On the other hand, the compute service of the Microsoft Azure is known as Virtual Machines. Its enhanced security services are available for all the devices. The compute services of Google Cloud are shorter than other services. The primary compute service of the Google Cloud is known as Compute Engine.

  • Storage:

AWS is offering a wide range of storage services to the users. It has introduced a hybrid storage environment for the users. For this reason, it has introduced a SQL-compatible database. This database is known as Aurora. If you are looking for the best cloud computing service to store the unstructured data, Microsoft Azure is the best choice for you. Its Queue Storage is available for large files and data. Google Cloud is also far behind in providing the storage space to the users. It is providing a smaller menu of the services to the users. To provide the best storage services to the users, it is offering Persistent Storage Disk to the users.

  • Key Cloud Tools:

By taking an overview of the key cloud tools of a cloud vendor is the best technique to differentiate it from others. These three cloud vendors are providing various key cloud tools to the users. First of all, we discuss the key cloud tools of AWS. Pagemaker to serverless, AI and ML are the most important cloud tools of AWS. Microsoft Azure is also providing some essential cloud tools to the users. First, it is providing cognitive services to users. For this reason, Microsoft has invested in artificial intelligence. Secondly, it is showing support for the MSFT software. With the help of this tool, it is providing backup services to the users. The key cloud tools of Google Cloud are AI and IoT to Serverless.

  • Pricing:

If we are comparing two or three services or products, pricing is the trickiest feature to compare. The pricing structure of the AWS is inscrutable. To calculate its pricing structure, we have to consider lots of components. The pricing structure of the Microsoft Azure is also difficult to understand for the users. If you want to understand the pricing structure of Microsoft Azure, you will have to get help from an experienced person. The most important feature of Google Cloud is that it is providing customer-friendly pricing structure to the users. Google is providing lots of discounts to users. The users can easily avail these discounts.

Google Cloud vs AWS vs Microsoft Azure: Which Is The Best cloud certification For You? 

After comparing different features of Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure, we can decide which is the best cloud computing service for us. If you are looking for the rich collection of tools and services in the form of a cloud computing service, AWS is the best choice for you. It will also provide the best customer support to the users. If you want to use the services of Microsoft like MS Excel, Office, MS Word and much more, Microsoft Azure is the best cloud computing service to you. It is providing hybrid cloud computing service to the users. This hybrid cloud computing service is highly scalable. Google Cloud is also providing the best cloud computing services to users. It is still growing. Therefore, it is not the best choice for enterprises.

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