What to do When Your SEO Isn’t Working

What will you do if your SEO strategy is not working?

seo not working reasons

You may think that the continuously changing parameters of Google are the reason behind this. But the fact is that there are a number of basic errors because of which your search engine optimization does not work as per your requirement. You will be glad to know that these errors can be corrected very easily. The failure in your SEO strategy can be because of some reasons.

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Top 4 reasons why your SEO is not working

So, to the answer of the question Why my SEO is not working?, I am going to tell you those reasons as well as the steps that you will take to improve your site:

1. Your strategy has not been reviewed by you for a long time

Sometimes you hire an SEO agency to set up an SEO strategy for your company. After that you wait for some time like a year to see the results. But remember one thing that search engine optimization is a discipline that moves continuously. The optimizations that you have made now can penalize you in the next year. For staying ahead of the competitors, it is necessary for you to carry on continuously. A large number of digital agencies are perfect at doing their job but a few are not. What about yours? Is it performing good after one year or is it sitting back?

  • Step needed for improvement – You need to review your strategy once more. There may be certain things in SEO that work properly and some may not. You need to check all those things. It is important for you to adapt yourself as per the changing requirements. Ask the agency if they monitor, refine and adapt the approach according to the changing situation. If the agency does not perform the task as needed then you need to change that agency.

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2. You do not have a mobile-friendly site

If you do not optimize your site for mobile then the visitors can feel difficulty in moving around and this can frustrate them. Because of this the visitor can leave your site and move to some other site which is mobile friendly. Currently mobile devices browse 50 % of the web. If your site does not fit the mobile phone then there are chances of losing 50 % customers. When a user leaves a site then Google notices it. It can penalize your site if it isn’t mobile-friendly.

  • Step needed for improvement – You need to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. Ask the agency or designer who has built your site to ensure that it has been optimized for mobile. You can also check this by using a mobile phone and visiting it. If you cannot access it by using a mobile phone then quickly consult the agency.

3. You create the wrong links

If your site has a large number of links from a different site then it can be one of the factors behind the successful SEO. These links provide value to your site. But you can be in trouble if a lot of links come from a site that has directories filled with spam and these are second-rate too. It can have an adverse effect on the rankings of your site. Search for those sites that are trustworthy and are of high-quality and then try to get natural links from them.

  • Step needed for improvement – Whenever there is a case of link building then you need to ensure if the agency gives priority to quality over quantity. If after paying a very small price you get a large number of links then don’t be tempted towards it. Your SEO performance can be negatively affected with this.


4. Your location is not included in your keywords

When a visitor searches for certain services or trades on a website then he wants these to be available near to him. You cannot give tough competition to others if you use location-less and too general keywords. With this, it can be very difficult for you to find a good position in the SERPs. The audience near you may be searching for certain services and products and looking for relevant keywords in your site. Always use keywords that target these kinds of audiences.

  • Step needed for improvement – The keywords that you target need to be reviewed by you. People usually don’t search for narrow keywords and so don’t use these kinds of keywords. The keywords having your location will help visitors easily find you and so always try to include these kinds of keywords. Along with this you need to track your keywords to see their performance. If a change is needed then do it immediately.

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