What Is Email Marketing and How to Use It Successfully

What Is Email Marketing and How to Use It Successfully

Email campaigns are a significant part of the digital marketing strategy of every business, either large or small. As marketers aspire to leverage all possible communication channels, newsletters will always be amongst the means that reinforce the online presence of a brand and its revenue.

Basically, there are two primary challenges regarding emails: making people subscribe to send-outs and urging them to open letters. In this article, we’ll give you five tips on these subjects. Moreover, we’ll draw your attention to the importance of tackling the performance issues on your website for the higher efficiency of your email marketing efforts.

Keep the Performance of Your Website Perfect

The desired outcome of the successfully received and opened newsletter is a visit to your website/online shop and the order placement. Therefore, you should always take care of the loading speed on your main platform, be it a ready-made small store on Shopify or a huge customized one on Magento.

Increasing demands of the audience push online businesses to the exploration of the latest web development trends. For instance, it’s high time to learn what headless commerce is, why it makes sites faster, and how to transform a website in line with this innovative principle.

Besides this, development and marketing teams should continuously check the Google algorithm updates and monitor so-called Core Web Vitals. There are many actionable ways to improve core web vitals for Magento or other eCommerce platforms.

After clarifying this moment, we can move to the hints that help conduct successful email marketing campaigns.

Tips & Tricks on How to Leverage Email Marketing

1. Encourage to Subscribe

Promotional emails certainly belong to the important tools for customer retention and re-engagement. But the competition is so tight that it’s getting harder to make users sign up for one’s newsletter. Then many brands opt for the most effective incentive: a discount.

Usually, it appears in the form of a pop-up for newcomers like it’s showcased in the screenshot below from a British online store Olivia Annabelle. The message promises not only to share new arrivals and exclusive offers but also focuses on the instant benefit: “10% off your first order!” With such an offer, newcomers are more likely to provide their emails.

Screenshot taken on the official Olivia Annabelle website

2. Use Appealing Subject Lines

Firstly, most commercial letters fall into the “Promotions” section of inboxes. Secondly, people get promos every single day. Therefore, users tend to check this section occasionally rather than regularly. In this situation, your letters must stand out by all means! A subject line causes the impulse to open the message. Let’s observe a couple of fine variants.

One proven way to grab one’s attention is to create a sense of urgency. In the screenshot below, we see the newsletter from a course provider Udemy. It informs the receiver that the big sale ends today. This is the last call: the brand has already sent an announcement and a reminder about their sale. And if a person is somehow interested in gaining new knowledge and skills, the given follow-up will be quite convincing because nobody likes missing a chance!

Screenshot taken from the newsletter from Udemy official website

Anyway, subject lines containing info about discounts are still the most popular and persuasive (not only in email marketing, though). Nevertheless, we’d recommend you try to add a witty joke and/or vivid emoji to improve visibility.

3. Send the Contents of Abandoned Carts

Perhaps, this is one of the best types of content that you can embed to your send-out because the abandoned cart emails are highly personal. There are several reasons why people leave sites without purchasing:

  • They simply forget about the order after being distracted by a new notification on the phone or something else;
  • They are irritated by a complicated checkout process with lots of steps/fields (especially without an auto-filling option);
  • Notice some new conditions that do not suit them (like the paid shipping or the absence of their fav payment method);
  • They decide to wait for a while to see the item on sale.

Thus, many will find letters with their added-to-cart goods really helpful. Look at the screenshot below from the UK-based bag store Jeenaa, which sends this kind of reminder. We advise you to underline some advantages of completing the order (like free shipping) or even provide some special conditions if you can afford it.

Screenshot taken from the newsletter from Jeenaa official website

4. Send Discounts and Special Offers

A sale is a traditional occasion for an email campaign. In the screenshot from the letter by Levi’s, we can see the approach of this famous brand: to highlight the percent of the discount, add an extra benefit (free shipping), create a flamboyant layout, and sort the offerings into particular categories for simpler and faster navigation. Well done!

Screenshot taken from the newsletter from Levi’s official website

5. Send Letters for the Holidays

Personal, national, or worldwide celebrations are one more appropriate reason to launch a send-out. This is the time to help people with gifts and necessary stuff for the event; so, gift guides are the best format here.

Everybody is used to receiving promo letters for Christmas, Mother’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, and birthdays. But there are many more unusual “National Days” you can utilize for marketing needs. For instance, an American kitchenware store Williams Sonoma in their new campaign, gets us acquainted with National Wine Day and offers a selection of glassware to celebrate.

Screenshot taken from the newsletter from Williams Sonoma official website

For more valuable insights, have a look at the infographic by Statista about leading email marketing formats in Spain as of 2020.

Screenshot taken on the official Statista website

Wrapping Up

Roughly speaking, send-outs contribute to making rare customers regular. That’s why almost all online businesses actively use this tool to achieve better sales. The right approach in contemporary email marketing implies a great deal of personalization, automation, and creativity, often seasoned by tempting discounts.

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