Online Marketing tips for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Online Marketing tips for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Online Marketing tips for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Where everything in this world is getting hazier by the day in the year 2020. It is extremely tough for small business owners to survive. They are getting squished like a bug and unable to sustain the hit given by this COVID-19 pandemic. Even large corporations had to fight it out to keep surviving this year of 2020.

However this pandemic did turn a lot of individuals from rags to riches as well, and vice versa. For example, the companies who introduced sanitizer and cleaning products hit a new profit margin that they couldn’t even imagine. A new industry of COVID-19 mask was introduced. Who could’ve thought that even brands like Gucci would launch branded masks?

Similarly, a lot of business owners also came up with new products to be an offer like masks, sanitizers, sprays, etc.

While yes, the first step to any business is to come up with a product or service to sell, however, the most important task that comes after that is to market that product.

Problems For Small Business Owners

As we know that this is a tough job as they do not have big amounts of money laid aside for marketing.

For example, its is easy for a titan paint sprayer to market their product through websites, companies, retailers, etc. As they probably have a huge budget set out for this, but someone who is selling local paint sprayer will face trouble and would be clueless about how to market and get a  few customers.

Top 9 Marketing Tips for small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

In this article, we will list down a few online marketing tips for small business owners and Entrepreneurs exclusively, who sometimes get lost in the marketing process and face trouble getting customers. Why online marketing? Because Online marketing is the cheapest option for them to get customers.

Set up an online store for your business:

The first thing first is to set up an online store. This could mean having a website or Facebook business page. A lot of people now use Instagram to sell their products as well. Given that 2020, in the year where most of us worked from homes or digitally, online businesses flourished. This is why your business must have an online store.

Promotion on Social Website Platforms:

Setting up a website means you need to get a website developer to make you one and set it up for you or you can build it yourself through different sites. This option will cost you a bit compared to opening a Facebook page or Instagram business page for free. Whatever is your budget, go for that medium. We suggest you have an online presence on all these three platforms.

Invest in SEO for your website: 

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is a free technique, which if you know how to navigate your website page can come up on any search engine’s first page. How does it work? You use a few ‘most searched keywords’ on your website and when someone searches that keyword, your website tends to come on the first page of the search engine’s result page.


To get on top of your SEO game, perform your keyword search consistently so you know which keywords to use for your online campaign.

Make Blogs to Gain Attention:

Blogging is another way that benefits your business. However, the key is to write blogs that can retain the customer’s attention long enough. So write quality blogs. These blogs are then used to accommodate the keywords that work best for your SEO campaign

Facebook Marketing: 

While you might have a Facebook business page for your account. It is important you also create a Facebook group or have your presence in Facebook groups that are potentially your target market. A lot of group moderators now offer PR packages to market your products, just like bloggers do. Facebook groups are underrated; however generate the best possible or getting new customers.

Discussion Forums:

Another thing that you can do to market your product is to join online discussion forums. The best is Redditt. A lot of entrepreneurs ask people to write reviews for their product on such forum to get traffic to their website or pages etc. Tumblr, Quora, and Pinterest are also fairly popular forums that can give you good results.

Email Strategy: 

Emails may sound outdated but they are still useful and used as an effective strategy to retain clients and get new ones as well. This is why we propose to create an email list to build relationships.

Amazon and eBay:  

You can also sell on the eBay store or amazon. They still are very effective in selling products. You will find a lot of commonly used products like titan sprayer parts, shoes, or glue on these platforms. So do not underestimate the power of these platforms.

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