Top Online Food Delivery App Trends To Watch out in 2021

Top Online Food Delivery App Trends To Watch out in 2021

In this crucial time of the pandemic, the economy of all countries across the world has stopped lower than ever. The food delivery service is one of the businesses that quickly bounced back and gained shape. It is currently the fastest growing business and is expected to incur a revenue of USD 956 million by 2022.  The food delivery app trends have a major role play in this growing business. These apps are under constant surveillance and change according to the growing requirements of their consumers.

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The lockdown has been prevalent throughout the past year. People are not privileged to hang outdoors most of the time. Staying indoors means you are often burdened with house chores which can get tiring. Most of the desk, managerial or administrative workers (white-collar workers), are working from home.

All of the above gives people good reasons to order in. What can be more ideal than ordering in your favorite food and eating it while watching a TV show with your loved ones?

The most common food delivery apps are Swiggy, Zomato, and Foodpanda. These apps are in collaboration with several restaurants, serving a variety of foods. It helps us connect to any of the restaurants and order food of our choice.

The Trending characteristics of the food delivery applications

Top 9 Online Food Delivery App Trends To Watch out in 2021:

1. Giving promo codes, offers, discounts

Apps like Zomato and Swiggy tend to give us an offer on almost every purchase we make. For example, most of these apps tend to give us a discount when we install the app and order for the first time. 

What is a promo code?

A promo code is like a coupon. Say, we order food worth Rs. 1000, then we can use the promo code to get a discount of 30% on that order. At times, these promo codes are in ties with certain banks or digital wallet platforms like, google pay or Paytm.

On other occasions, the restaurants also have internal offers, i.e. BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!!; Wednesday Specials and so on.

2. Contactless delivery service

During this pandemic, safety is the primary concern for everyone. Hence, the food delivery apps have launched a new feature which is contactless food delivery. Given the situation, this is quite a requirement by the customers. This measure helps maintain the covid protocol of social distancing and the consumers are also relieved to order online.

3. Guaranteed delivery within a said time 

Some of the food delivery apps have a service where they guarantee to deliver the food within 30 mins, for example, domino’s pizza. If they are unable to do so then they repay you and the food is free. This service is not new. It is very useful for people who are working from home as they are wired to their computers all the time.

4. Method of feedback, reviews, and rating

Let’s say, you want to try a different cuisine but you don’t know where to order it from. What do you do then? That’s when the method of feedback is useful to us. 

We can check the reviews of the restaurant we want to order from. In the reviews section, people write about their experiences and give feedback on the food. We can rate the food, the delivery guy, as well as the restaurants. Negative feedback can help improve the services for betterment. 

5. Having or upgrading to a premium account

All the food delivery apps today have a premium version of themselves. Subscribing to that version gives us the advantage in many ways. Having a premium membership saves us delivery charges as well as travel costs that we’d have to pay for stepping out. We also get exclusive offers, a huge number of ‘Buy 1 Get 1 free’, priority delivery, and so on. 

6. Delivery of grocery

Not only cooked food that we can get delivered but also groceries. This is very convenient for covid infected people, as with the help of such services they wouldn’t have to step out at all.

7. Live order tracking

This feature helps us track the status of our order like when the food is being prepared when it’s ready and finally when it’s on the way to be delivered.

8. Payment Method Options

Different payment method options, like COD (cash on delivery), or online mode through debit or credit card or any digital wallet platform. 

More Trends of Online Food Delivery App

There are other trending features on the apps such as order history, social sharing and inviting friends, fundraising initiatives to donate for social causes, etc. All of these factors combine and boost the food industry in general.

Future of Online Food Delivery App

With companies downsizing, people are losing jobs and are unemployed. The food delivery business is increasingly hiring individuals who just need to have access to a bicycle/motorbike, a smartphone, and uninterrupted internet connectivity as it helps them in tracking the delivery location through GPS. The maximum number of orders are placed through apps or websites, thus there is also an increase in the purchase of smartphones.

With changing times, there is a shift in the market structure. There has been a huge surge in demand for food delivery. The food delivery app is a contributing factor to give rise to the business as well as its financial turnover and it is expected to do so in the next few years.

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