Online Food Ordering System: 3 Enhancing Tips

3 Tips for Enhancing Online Food Ordering Process in Your Restaurant

The majority of restaurants have their own online food ordering system, but they also rely on third-party apps like UberEATS, Zomato, Food Panda, etc. They are the top choice of most of us foodies out there.

You will definitely agree with me when I say that delicious food triggers the most epic dopamine effect in our brain. For most people, quality food is the ultimate high that they can get in their daily life. Well, we don’t about you, but our group of foodies loves trying new dishes.

With the variety of food increasing daily, and the advent of new and unique recipes. Ordering food has become a new norm.

We know that small restaurants mostly rely on these services for their delivery, but some have their own separate systems. This issue is that they are a bit complex compared to these third-party apps.

Process Enhancement:

So in this article, we will give you our thoughts on the online food ordering system enhancement. So, let’s start our opinionated tips:

Embed Your Restaurant in Multiple Apps:

We know that for restaurant owners, this might be an expensive option, but we foodies love to order using different delivery systems. Of course, having unique dishes is a pre-requisite for us to notice your food, but if we find the same restaurant in different apps or systems.

Your restaurant might click more into our minds. We don’t know the exact reason behind it, but somehow, when we see the same recommendation in different places. We end up ordering from that restaurant. Maybe it has something to do with human psychology.

Nevertheless, embedding your restaurant in different apps will simplify the ordering process for us, and might increase the frequency of orders.

Research Well & Enhance your UX & UI Design

If you have already implemented an online system for your restaurant, and don’t want to rely on third-party apps. Then the next option is to tailor your app/website designs to retain customer’s attention. An eye-catching design is the first step towards increasing your sales.

However, as we have mentioned that this is just a step. you might have to use more methods to enhance your online presence first. Here is a list of a few:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Search Engine Marketing

After raising awareness about your restaurant, the next step is to simplify the process for your customers. Phone calls are an ancient method of ordering, so you have to work on your apps, and website designs. It should be attractive and simple, don’t try to make it too complicated.

Try to reduce the number of steps required to order. One tip from our side is to give the option of using the exact Google map location while ordering. We know that addresses might not be an issue for first world countries, but finding them in third world countries is a nightmare.

Provide Different Payment Methods

Most restaurants around the world have different payment methods, but for an online ordering system, it’s a different story. You should add the option of a wallet in your app or websites where people can pay for your meal with one click.

An embedded wallet provides an easy way for frequent customers to order with ease, but you need to consider the new customers as well. So, we recommend using the following payment methods

  1. Cash on Delivery
  2. Credit card payments
  3. Customer Points for Payment

The third option is similar to airline miles. Where frequent travelers can use the points to get a free flight, you can implement the same for your restaurant. With these benefits, you will retain long-term customers.


We hope you liked our foodie centric tips for online system enhancement for restaurants. It has already been simplified by a lot, but the world is moving towards over simplification. We kept that in mind and came up with our ideas for enhancing the delivery services of our favorite restaurants.

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