Top 9 Content Writing Techniques

Best ways to Writing a content For your Blog

Following are the Content Writing Techniques for both beginners and professionals:

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Main heading

A successful headline is the basis of a good article. To rush it is a mistake. I like to compare it to wrapping a packet of cereal. You know, those super flashy boxes that you find in the supermarket, like Frostiest or Smacks. They catch the eye and make you want to take the package to find out more. The title of your article is the same. It is there to attract attention and encourage the click. It should make you want to devour your content until the last word.

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Title Contains

  •       The title is RESULT oriented
  •       It contains STRONG action words,
  •       It provokes emotions (curiosity, excitement, fear, surprise…).


I start writing a huge block, without skipping any lines. No subtitle. I chain the sentences one after the other.

You must absolutely follow these good web writing practices in mind:

  •         Maximum 4 lines per paragraph.
  •        Mark a real line break (white line) between each paragraph.
  •       Vary the pace (paragraphs of one line, 3 lines, etc.).
  •         Remember that reading on the screen is tiring. It must be facilitated as much as possible.

Use metaphors

  •       Images are some of the most powerful content writing techniques around.
  •      They help to better understand the text.
  •      Besides, speaking of understanding.

Easy to understand

It’s understandable. Use simple words to be understood by as many people as possible and to reach your readers more easily. The politicians bathe us with big speeches. Most people don’t understand. It’s when they hear familiar words, inevitably they are more sensitive. For writing, it’s the same. Keep this web writing technique in mind and banish technical vocabulary.

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Use short words

They are easier to understand. Go back to your complex sentences. Try replacing a long word with a shorter synonym. You will keep readability and ease of reading.

Use the 50:50, one of the scariest content writing techniques

I advise you to write without rereading yourself at first. You let your feather speak like a singing bird in your garden. When you’re done, you go back to your pretty Word document and clear half of the text. You will see that some sentences are unnecessary. Others can be simplified, words can be deleted. The purification of the text is a real pleasure.

Fleas are your friends

  •       Bulleted lists are simple and effective.
  •       The human brain loves organization. Whenever you need to list in your article, think “lists”.
  •       They help to ventilate the content
  •       Break the rhythm of the article in a good way
  •       They facilitate the organization of ideas

Make mysterious subtitles

It’s an awesome web writing technique to keep the attention of your readers. Subtitles bring together the big ideas of your article. They help with content organization and cueing. This is especially important if your blog post is long. The problem is, people are lazy. And they are satisfied with these subtitles.

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Storytelling is a great way to breathe life into your story.

There are several ways to do this:

  •         Tell your own story in relation to a point covered in the article;
  •         Make up a story.
  •       Tell a celebrity story to support your point.
  •         Vary the pleasures according to the need.

Don’t rush the intro

I can’t count the number of articles I’ve seen with smoky introductions anymore. The one who ballades to say nothing. Which does not provide any emotion. Who does not target. The one that gives the impression that you are a lost tourist in Guatemala. Remember that you only have 7 seconds to convince your reader.

In order for him to decide to stay, your introduction must therefore:

  •       Take it to the guts emotionally.
  •       Show him that you understand him.
  •       Show him that you have what he wants.
  •       Be simple and easy to read.

Images only have advantages in web writing:

They help with SEO, can complete information, can be fun and make people laugh. They ventilate the contents. Depending on your editorial line, you can opt for serious images, humorous gifs. Do not neglect them. These are real assets to help you write well for the web and stand out. They can be an integral part of your editorial line.

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