Top 4 Blenders For A Healthy Living

Top 4 Blenders

As it happens, with the growing population & cut-throat competition, it becomes increasingly difficult to get enough time to focus on our well-being. Overcome with everyday stress & deadlines to achieve, we often overlook our health. However, our body is a temple & we should treat it as such. We all know that adulting means less time & more work, which leaves one exhausted. To rejuvenate our energy levels, a blender at home often comes handy, with top-notch blenders in easy reach, one can easily make delicious smoothies in no time. Therefore, we bring to you the top 4 blenders, which can one easily buy at a reasonable price. Check them out below.

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Top 4 NutriBullet Blenders

Vitamix 5200 Blender

The Vitamix 5200 Blender is instilled with excellent durability, control & powerful machinery. It carries 64 ounces of quantity. Therefore, one can easily have a 7.5 cups per serving at a time. It is secure by a spill proof rubber lid. In the middle one can easily slide in the ingredients via the hole in the lid. Thereafter, tampering & pushing the contents down further. It also comes with an overload safety function. If the blender is left on for too long. Then it will automatically shut down in order to prevent circuit damage. All in all, it’s a piece of high quality craftsmanship

KOIOS 800W Immersion Hand Blenders

KOIOS 800W is favorite among many people. Primarily for its versatility. Also, it comes at a lower cost. Which is another reason why it is bought so frequently. It comes with a total of 5 items: hand motor, pitcher, processor, blending wand & a mixer whisk. It can hold up to 20 ounces of quantity & it also has a splash-guard lid, which helps the content blend via the lid. However, it does has some weaknesses: one can’t put in a lot of content at once to blend. As the blender can’t handle ingredients such as ice & frozen fruit. Also, if you were to lift the head of the blender out, the chances of spilling the liquid ranges high with this one.

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Nutri Ninja Pro BL456

This is among the fasted blenders available out in the market. It is designed to handle plethora of tasks in minimum time. Therefore, it is favorite among those people who live around the clock. It has a 24 ounces of a jar & the blender is 14 inches tall. Therefore, it becomes easy to fit it into the smallest of spaces. Furthermore, it also comes with one cup & two go-lids. Therefore, one can carry the cup with you anywhere you go. Also, all parts of the blender are removable, hence it one must rinse them after use for best result.

Ninja BL770 Kitchen System

This blender comes with a high powered motor system along with accessories for food processing. It is an excellent blender but then it is also expensive. It can hold up to 72 ounces of quantity, which is 9 cups serving at a single time. Also, it has a food processor bowl, which is like a safety key, since the blender will not work unless the safety lid is tightly shut. However, it doesn’t come with the conventional blade, it uses the removable multi blade hubs for blending the ingredients. Therefore, it is best suited for a heavy load. Also, its processor bowl also consists of dough blade. Hence, one can easily mix more than two to three ingredients at a time. 

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