How To Make French Press Coffee : The Best Recipe

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Well if you are reading this article then you are must be a coffee lover so read it till the end in order to know the best recipe of French press coffee.

This is one of the most famous coffee brewing methods today, for its ease of use and for giving an excellent cup. It is very common to see them in high quality shops and as well as in homes.

After seeing how this has become a culture, you may be looking to learn how to make coffee? or searching for the best recipe of French press coffee.

Here we show you the basic recipe, some tips, generalities and useful equipment to use this “brewing method”.

French press: A simple and functional

So, in order to prepare you need to follow a series of steps, but it will not be difficult for that. It’s simple design makes it elegant and easy to use and the preparation process is minimal and easy to remember. If you follow our advice you can prepare a very good cup. The best recipe has three main parts:

  • Container: where the ground coffee is placed and the hot water is poured.
  • Plunger: Allows the coffee to filter when lowered.
  • Metal filter: circular piece of metal that allows you to filter.

What Flavors you can achieve?

With this method you will have a very complete cup in flavors, you can feel the acidity and sweetness not very pronounced, bitterness and a great body that gives your cup personality and complexity. In practical terms, all flavors can be appreciated without one overshadowing another.

The ” body of a coffee ” is related to the density of the drink. With this method you get a full- bodied mug because the metal filter lets through a lot of oils and soluble particles.

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How does a French press work?

It is a method of coffee extraction known as total immersion : that is, then immersed in hot water for the entire extraction time.

The ground beans are placed at the bottom of the container and then hot water is added. Upon reaching a period of time of approximately 4 minutes, the plunger is lowered and then it is filtered with the metal filter.

Recommended equipment’s:

1. Balance: With this you can weigh the beans and water to be used and thus, become consistent in the recipe of your French press. If you don’t want to invest in a scale you can use a measuring spoon.

2. Heater: You can use an electric heater or simply heat the water in your kitchen.

3. Timer: It will help you keep track of the preparation time and avoid very long extractions that can extract unpleasant flavors.

Some special scales have a timer included, otherwise, use the application on your Smartphone.

4. Mill: it will allow you to grind the beans just before preparation, and thus have a better drink. Remember to make a coarse grind for your press, in this way you will avoid bad tastes and excess residues in the cup.

5. Grinding: As we have recommended in other articles, it is best to grind your beans just before preparation. So, you should invest in a best coffee grinder for French press.

With this maker you achieve two benefits:

  1. You prevent fine particles of from passing through the metal filter and reaching your cup, leaving not very pleasant sediments .
  2. You avoid over-extraction since when grinding coarsely the extraction speed becomes slower. Remember! That it is in direct contact with the hot water and this causes a rapid extraction of the flavors, by grinding coarsely you slow down this process.

Serve all: After completing the extraction time , serve all in your cup or in a container , never leave it resting in your press. If you do, the extraction will continue and your next cup may taste very bitter and astringent.


Measure the temperature of the water:

If you have a kettle you may bring a thermometer included, if not, use a homemade thermometer. Avoid using water at 100 ° or more, this can burn your ground beans and extract unpleasant flavors.

We recommend using a maximum temperature of 96 ° C, but you can adjust it to your liking. Remember, at different water temperatures, it will taste different.

Don’t have a thermometer handy? Put water in the kitchen to heat and when it comes to a boil, remove the container and let it rest for 1 minute, then you can use the water.

Weigh your coffee :

Be it with a scale or with a spoon , never forget the amount you used, you may one day prepare the perfect cup and forget how much amount you used.

Pre-heat the press:

It is always good to heat a little more water than is necessary for your recipe, so that you heat the press before placing the coffee. In this way you avoid temperature losses at the time of preparation and avoid a thermal shock when adding the hot water.

Now Lets Start the Recipe

  • A mild intensity recipe to enjoy alone or with your friends
  • Coffee: 13 g (approximately 2 tablespoons)
  • Grinding: coarse
  • Water temperature: 95 ° C
  • Water: 235 ml
  • Ratio: 18: 1 (1 g of coffee for every 19 ml of water)
  • Pre-infusion: without pre-infusion
  • Extraction time: 4 minutes


1. Heat the water to 95 ° C if you have an electric kettle.

2. If you are going to heat in your kitchen, after boiling point remove the container from the stove and wait 1 min.

3. Weigh 13 g of beans and grind with a coarse grind. Put the grounds in a small, clean container. If you don’t have a scale, use 2 tablespoons.

4. If you use ground coffee ask your supplier to give you a coarse grind and use 2 tablespoons.

5. Pre-heat your press, trying to wet the walls and the bottom well, you can make a small circular motion and then pour the water.

6. Place the coffee at the bottom of the press

7. Pour the 235 ml of water slowly and when it comes into contact with the coffee it starts to take time. If you have a scale, you can weigh the water you pour, if not, use an 8-ounce capacity container (equivalent to 236 ml).

8. Stir slowly in a cross shape with a spoon so that all the grounds are moistened.

9. Wait when the stopwatch reaches 3:45 seconds and lower the plunger slowly for 15 seconds to complete the total time of 4 minutes.

10. Serve in your cup and enjoy

Alternative Tips for best recipe of French press coffee:

If you have a 1 liter French press and a couple of friends with you: use 800 ml of water and 45 grams of coffee.

When you reach minute 3:30, slowly lower the plunger for 30 seconds to complete a time of 4 minutes.

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