Top 2 places to visit in Latin America

Top 2 places to visit in Latin America

Below the Equator of the American continent, there are several interesting cities to visit and explore. In addition to the well-known beaches, this region is home to municipalities that preserve history, popular cultures from indigenous peoples, as well as delicious dishes that only those who go to any of these two places to visit in Latin America know.

The tropical climate and biodiversity favor tourist activities in Latin cities. In addition, there is a very wide cultural diversity, ranging from costumes to music.

It is a fact that in many of these municipalities social and economic issues are recurrent problems. The most curious thing for tourists from economically developed countries is to witness how, even amid poverty, these cities continue to develop culturally and pass on their customs for generations.

It is possible that you were at least curious to know these places so defended in this matter. So come on, put on your virtual backpack, and let’s go “travel”!

Places to visit in Latin America Cities


Although it is the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo is a relatively small city, with approximately 1.3 million inhabitants, which can be considered a low number for a metropolis.

With a historic center made up of unique architecture, Montevideo is a city that if it grew too much, perhaps it would lose the explicit beauty of its streets.

Starting in front of the Porto Market, where the main city tour of the city departs, it is possible to have a general idea of ​​Montevideo. The bus makes a circuit of the city, always stopping at the most important sights in the city. With just one ticket, you can enjoy the bus tour by listening to the information through headphones installed in the vehicle.

Before boarding, it is interesting to know the Porto Market. After that, the first bus stop is at the main point of the city, Praça da Independência, in the center of it is located the Mausoleum of José Gervásio Artigas, considered an Uruguayan national hero.

Besides the square, there are many other interesting places to visit in the city, see!

  • Solis Theater
  • Municipal Esplanade
  • Legislative Palace (ideal for those who like architecture)
  • agricultural market
  • Prado Park
  • The Diligence
  • Botanical Garden

2. Mariana

The first capital of the state of Minas Gerais is very special due to its historical relevance. Mariana is a city from the 18th century that has preserved a good part of the architectural ensemble of the central region, so many churches and buildings were influenced by Rococo baroque and classicism.

In Mariana, there was an extensive extraction of precious metals in the so-called “Gold Cycle”. Via the Estrada Real, the tropeiros and Bandeirantes took the amounts of gold to the port of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), or Paraty (RJ), and from there all the gold ore extracted in Mariana was taken by ship to Europe.

The city was also known for a recent environmental disaster. The collapse of an ore dam owned by the Vale company claimed 19 fatalities. At the time, the news occupied a good part of Brazilian newspapers and had international repercussions.

All this sadness did not prevent Mariana from continuing to be one of the most visited tourist cities in Minas. By the way, from there it is possible to get to know Ouro Preto, an equally important place, which carries the history of the Inconfidência Mineira, among others.

  • Itacolomy Peak
  • Minas Gerais Square
  • Praça da Sé
  • São Pedro dos Clérigos Church
  • Mariana Pass Mine
  • Mary Smoke
  • Gomes Freire Square

What to take on a day tour in South America?

As the climate in South America is unstable, that is, it can be hot and cold at night, it is always good to wear comfortable clothes. Dressing up your pants (to avoid insect bites), and wearing a mid-season blouse helps in possible walks, tennis is a non-negotiable rule.

To avoid sunburn, always use sunscreen. A cap or hat helps to protect you even more. A good repellent is also crucial.

In the shortest time your trip and take pictures, don’t forget to keep wearing a mask!

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