South Africa’s 10 Best Stuff In Durban

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Think of a South African trip? With tourists, Cape Town and St. Johannesburg is definitely famous. But why not go to a less-known and stunning city this time? Durban is a rich treasure chest of incredible tourist attractions. To learn about what the third most populated town in South Africa has to bring!


What clothes do you pack for your trip to Durban? In comfortable dresses I would suggest throwing sweat away as the subtropical climate in Durban is humid. Summer time in Durban is hot and warm, so keep a portable fan cool!

So, you don’t have to arm yourself with a thick winter jacket if you fly in the winter, as the winters in Durban are typically mild and dry. When you leave home for Durban, scrimp on your baggage room, as you want much space later to store all of the shopping!

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Top 10 best places in Durban


Haven’t you really visited the famous uShaka Marine World in Durban? In reality, South Africa’s most beloved maritime theme park is this famous attraction. You can comfortably spend a full day covering a 16-hectare jaw-drop. Take your time for everything you have to come in this massive Theme Park: exciting water slides, interesting oceanariums, seals and ping-GUI exhibits, sandy beaches, shopping … a list of all! I would also go to declaring that you possibly can find it on uShaka Marine Planet, whatever entertainment you’re looking for.


Seekers of thrills, cheer up! You will find Moses Mabhida Stadium the ideal attraction for you if your definition of fun feels the adrenaline rushing wildly through your veins. The biggest swing in the country, Big Rush, is home to this landmark. Yeah, that right you saw. This trip will launch you into a thrilling 220-meter rainbow that will make you yell until your voice rattles.

After the ride is over and you’re still alive ensuring that you are going to the south of the stadium arc. You can take a 550 step adventure walk. There you can take it. After this horror experience, you’ll love the image of the city below. Don’t grumble for those too chicken. On the northern side of the arc, you can take a cable car to an above viewing platform.


To keep its name from being fooled, Suncoast Casino offers far more than a lifespan wager in an enclosed space (I kid). You will (of course) enjoy a variety of other things here besides gambling. The stunning combination of the sun and sea is situated right by the seafront. Take advantage of the new Suncoast Cinecentre’s blockbusters. Why not take them to The Magic Company for an exciting afternoon of arcade games when you travel with children? The Globe and The Banyard Theatre also host some of Durban’s finest plays, entertainments, and activities.


Durban Botanic Gardens was founded in 1849 and is currently the oldest remaining botanical garden in South Africa. You can quickly get lost in the wonders and beauties of this land with an area of over 15 hectares.

One of the finest soothing orchids promised to take your breath away is found in the Durban Botanic Gardens. You will also enjoy the array of beautiful palm trees in addition to colorful orchids. Not just great insight, these palm trees have stood for the test of time. In the greenhouse, notably in 1873 was planting the oldest living palm tree!

In addition to plants, in the animal kingdom, you will also explore the beauty of insects here. To witness the fertility of butterflies, pop over to the Butterfly Habitat Garden!

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If you shop, Victoria Street Market is your best fitness center. Undeniably, tourists can choose from a hundred stands in the shopping mecca of Durban. You can shop until you drop into the vibrant market, intricate handicrafts from Africa, seductive Indian spices, traditional clothes, … The Victoria Street Market is also a favorite place of defense against the tides of gentrification for its rich culture and heritage; certainly, a must-have place in which to experience a truly local experience!


Mitchell Park Zoo, the only zoo in Durban, offers a nice day for family fun and learning. Different creatures like crocodiles, crocs, chimpanzees, and raccoons are revered! The aviary that allows the tourists to get close and individually to their beautiful birds, would be exciting for bird-lovers. There’s also a little playground filled with sand that your children will enjoy. In addition to looking at the animals, Mitchell Park Zoo is an ideal picnic spot! Visitors are encouraged to lay their own tents under the warmth of the sun at the zoo’s numerous immaculate grassy lawns and to picnic.

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The KwaZulu-Natal is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Durban. Paradise Valley is a stunning nature sanctuary, where the bustle of city life will escape. This is a must-see destination when you are searching for some tranquility. Trekkers can board one of these reserve’s four trails. Along the way, you will receive beautiful views of exuberant leaves and gleaming waters. The highlight will be the immaculate and grand waterfall of Paradise Valley. The water’s relaxing sounds on the edge are sure to be the perfect playlist for a leisurely stroll.


You certainly have to pay a visit to its beaches if you are in a coastal area! It’s one of the best places to enhance the sun and sea in Durban. The Golden Mile. Golden beaches run for thousands of miles and are full of hotels, restaurants, and stores. Most of them flock to the beach for spectacular sea sports. Surf, swim, fish, all in the beautiful waters of Durban. The vast expanse of sandy beaches is ideal for those who are not too keen to take a dip in the sea or watch a bit of sun-tanning.

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You can enjoy other sports along the beachfront. Here are a few favorite activities: jogging, cycling, and even skateboarding. Indeed, there’s a vibrant beachfront! Just pop into one of the nearby restaurants, after yourself has tired off at the beach to load up your baby with delicious food. One day at the Golden Mile will surely be packed with fun and entertainment.


Durban Ice Arena is an ice rink, convention, and exhibition hall, all of which come together in one large multi-purpose structure. In the large international ice rink, tourists will enjoy a fun day of skating. You should also compete in some ice hockey lessons in addition to ice skating! The place can also be reserved for meetings and birthday celebrations with the teams. Really nothing sings more than a funky dance party on an ice rink, which is unforgettable.


The Durban Natural Science Museum provides a rewarding day full of learning for the emerging scientist with a passion for information. Find out more from their numerous world-class exhibits about the Earth’s natural history. A gasp of the Tyrannosaurus Rex ‘life-size reconstruction. Be shocked by their collection of birds (third-largest collection in Africa, consider that!), as well as by the almost complete skeleton of now-extinct Dodo Bird, the Durban Natural Science Museum. It is a fascinating exhibit that will strongly remember the importance of conservation. In reality, the Durban Natural Science Museum is the perfect venue for a meaningful learning journey for you (and your children if any).

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