Important Tips for Booking a Hotel

tips for booking a hotel

The stage of planning a trip is often almost as beautiful as the trip itself.

Read about different destinations, get excited about them, choose between different possibilities, and finally start assembling all the logistics of the trip.

If you are one of those who like to organize everything, you will look for flights, internal transport in the country, things to do, a place to visit, and where you will spend the night.

The theme of accommodation is a basic thing when we go on vacation. Finding quality hotels is an art. Today, we have a large number of tools that will make our lives easier when choosing a hotel. Or not. Sometimes when we have too many alternatives, we lose our lives trying to discern what the right choice will be.

To help you make the process of choosing a hotel not traumatic and heavy, I’m going to give you a few tips for booking a hotel that I hope will help you: 

Tips and Things to consider when booking a hotel

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Be clear how much you want to spend :

This is a filter that will reduce our options considerably.

For example, you are looking at accommodation in London and you see that the map of the shift finder shows hundreds of hotels. You start to feel a few palpitations in your head and an irrepressible desire to throw the computer out the window. Not really.

If you’re clear that you don’t want to spend more than a certain amount, it’s best to use that data to mow the options. In search engines of a certain quality they will offer you the possibility to choose different price ranges. Whether you want to stay somewhere budget or it’s a special occasion and want to sleep with your partner in a romantic hotel, it’s a very useful tool.

Decide which area you want to book the hotel in:

In cities as well as other locations of a more rural nature, there will always be an area where you prefer to be.

Maybe you’re one of those who refuse from the city center because he doesn’t want to be disturbed by the hustle and bustle. Or maybe you like being in the walking area because you plan to close all the bars in town. For tastes, colors. Being clear about this parameter will also narrow down your search for the perfect accommodation. 

Choose which extras are important:

 A large flat-screen TV in the room, an endless breakfast buffet, swimming pool, children’s room, disco, etc… Each person is a world and will be looking for a hotel that can satisfy your desires. Decide which ones are yours and consider them in your choice. 

Beware of security

When you’re on vacation, the last thing you’d like is for them to be ruined by a robbery or worse.

When choosing the best accommodation, we must take into account the security it offers us. Normally, we should look at the location of it and learn a little about what the conflict zones of the city we are going to visit may be.

If we are in nature, it is also advisable to know if isolated accommodation offers all the necessary security conditions. 

The importance of hotel staff

This is a maximum applicable to the entire service sector: the staff of business makes a difference. Undoubtedly, it is not the same to come down for breakfast and meet waiters with serious and sleepy faces, than if they greet you with a broad smile and wondering, with great sweetness, if you have slept well.

That’s the way it is. Friendly and willing receptionists, cleaning staff, chefs and jovial waiters who want you to know the best part of their city or town… That’s ideal, but it’s not always like that. To get an idea of such attitudes, it is best to consult the next point…

Read other people’s opinions :

For a few years now, no one has booked a hotel – or other accommodation – without reading the reviews of previous guests. Pages like TripAdvisor have, in fact, created a business model based on them.

Most hotels have dozens or hundreds of reviews on Google or its social pages. You don’t have to read them all, obviously, but at least a few. Personally, it’s something I usually spend a lot of time on when I’m looking for accommodation. It’s a basic thing for me.

Payment and cancellation policy:

This is another basic point that many people make the mistake of overlooking. Please read the fine print of the payments and cancellations box when booking a hotel.

Today, in many of the great search engines, they give us the option to cancel our reservation without any expense, provided it is done some time in advance.

However, there are still establishments that do not share this policy. In order not to fall into late and vain late protests, my recommendation is that you cover your back and look for a hotel or accommodation that allows cancellations.

Another issue is the type of payment. A few years ago, you were charged the full amount of the reservation at the time of booking.

However, currently, the trend is to use the credit card as a kind of endorsement in the booking. Payment will not be made until the time of overnight stay at the chosen establishment.

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