Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Writing Dissertation Methodology


If you’re looking for mistakes one makes while writing dissertation methodology, you are at the right place. Some steps and details need to be addressed, from outlining your research methodology to choosing how you will conduct and analyze your data to writing the actual content of your dissertation. It can feel like many things could go wrong with this section. If you’re not careful and make annoying mistakes while writing the dissertation methodology, it may cost you your whole research. Delays and revisions can cost you to work extra hours or even prevent you from finishing your dissertation! 

Writing dissertation methodology can seem impossible, and remembering all the steps you need to write it correctly can be tiresome. It’s easy to make mistakes, even if you’re doing everything correctly. However, you should be aware of several avoidable mistakes during the writing process. Today’s article contains students’ most common mistakes while writing dissertation methodology. 

9 Most Annoying Mistakes you need to Avoid While Writing Dissertation Methodology:

In this blog article, we tell you the common mistakes that are made when getting started with your topic, and you should need to avoid them. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

1. Choosing the Wrong Format:

It is a common mistake to not follow a proper format for your dissertation paper. Students may not write up a formal outline that will serve as a writing format. Due to this mistake, your work is not going in the right direction. For your methodology, you will need to be sure and follow a very specific format. No matter what kind of dissertation you are writing, having a general format will help you get through it with little difficulty and frustration. Hence hiring a good masters dissertation writing service can help you to save yourself from such difficulty.

2. Not Mentioning the Methodologies:

Not explaining the methodology you will be using for the research means you are not describing the methods used when gathering the data and information. It is the most important step when writing dissertation methodology. It is the only way you can tell the user about how you analysed the data. 

3. Forgetting to justify the methodology: 

Not justifying the methodology used for the research is one of the most common mistakes one makes. It would be best if you justified the methodology used for your research, as this shows how you selected the suitable method used relevant to your research. 

4. Not using an Outline:

If you’re writing a methodologies chapter, you’ll need an outline. You will not know what to research for your methodology section with an improper outline. When you write a methodology without an outline, you will not be able to manage the points in order. Because of this mistake, your advisor and other committee members will likely not be able to see the flow of information and might not read your dissertation. The outline helps to present your thoughts in a logical flow. 

5. Unclear Scope:

Students make this mistake when they dive into research and do not ensure that it clearly defines things relevant to your methodology. Unfortunately, when many first-time researchers write their methodologies, they’re unclear about the scope of the research. It’s easy to get confused about how your dissertation will fit into your field and whether or not it’s ground-breaking. The best way to do this is by breaking down all your goals for writing a dissertation and then narrowing them down further until they start coming together under a central theme.

6. Writing Mistakes:

It is also a very common mistake students make while writing dissertation methodology. This mistake occurs when you make sentence structure or grammatical mistakes. These mistakes make your content unreliable and unappealing. So ensure that you proofread your content and use grammar checking tools like Grammarly and various others. You have to start over from scratch if you make a mistake, even a little typo, while doing your analysis. Do not forget that there are no backup plans in writing dissertation methodology. That being said, if there is one thing about writing dissertation methodology, is that there is very little margin for error. So ensure that you don’t rush and while writing your methodology section, ensure you have the right analysis and support it using the right resources. 

7. Not Being Clear About the Requirements:

The most common mistake in writing dissertation methodology is that you do not understand what your dissertation committee or university requires from a research methodology. If you’re unclear about these requirements, speak with your committee member or find out about your university guidelines. It will help you get on the right track and avoid mistakes early on.

8. Not Involving Others: 

It’s incredibly difficult to make judgments about your work. You can get a fresh perspective by showing your methodology draft to a colleague or mentor. If you don’t have access to someone in person, consider working with an online editing service. They can review your document from start to finish and help polish it into something that will impress your instructor greatly. 

9. Not adding Research Limitations: 

You have to mention the research limitations you faced while conducting research and what hurdles you had to overcome. Every researcher faces various limitations like research, data or other limitations while conducting research for the methodology section. Students have to ensure that they mention this in the methodology section.  


Writing dissertation methodology can be one of the most challenging tasks you will ever face, but it can also be extremely rewarding once it’s finished. The problem is that many people do not finish their dissertation project because they make one or more of the mistakes mentioned above and get stuck in revisions. This article is very helpful when you are writing your methodology chapter and want to ensure that you avoid all the pitfalls mentioned above. This article guides you on how to overcome these mistakes and make writing dissertation methodology correctly. Best of luck!

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