How to Write a Dissertation? Unmatched Tips for Quality Writing

Writing a dissertation is no piece of cake, many students struggle with writing dissertations. So, if you are struggling with your dissertation this is the right place for you.

How to Write a Dissertation? Unmatched Tips for Quality Writing

Let’s start with what a dissertation is?

A dissertation is a form of academic writing and is executed at least once in your academic journey. Dissertations can be written for college proposals or your final academic writing.  Your dissertation topic can be inspired but it is important that the research adds value to the existing field of study.

Typically a dissertation can be structured and divided into five headings however this can vary depending on your institution. Generally headings are divided as:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results and implications
  • Conclusion
  • References

So, first things first to start a dissertation you need approval from your supervisors or funding bodies. To write a proposal that will leave your supervisors in awe you can refer cheap dissertation writing websites or read our blog for guidelines.

Now that you have understood what a dissertation is and have a quality research proposal at hand let’s get into writing the dissertation. You need to cover the following in your dissertation:

1. Abstract

Although the abstract is usually written at the end of your research but it is the first thing any reader will come across when they look at your research paper. Abstract is a summary of your entire research. It states the importance, methods and findings of your research along with the keywords so that it’s easier for the reader to understand how relevant your research is for them.

2. Introduction

The introduction of your research includes purpose and relevance of your research to the field of study. Your introduction should also include your study’s scope, objectives, thesis statement and research questions. Here you discuss the importance of your study by talking about the research gap that you have identified and the problem you are working on.

3. Literature Review

Literature review is a comprehensive summary of earlier researches. A good literature review makes your study strong. You need to evaluate relevant references in your literature review and effectively paraphrase information that is appropriate for your research. This information needs to strengthen your research. It is recommended that you put most time effort in the literature review as it is considered the backbone of your dissertation.

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4. Methodology

Methodology explains what methods and techniques you used and how you used them.

Research Methodology should include:  

  • Research type
  • Population and sample size
  • Data collection method
  • The Data analysis method
  • Data analysis tools

Data collection method and data analysis methods and tools can vary for different researches your topic helps identify what methods would you be using. For example a research about motivation and morale boost in employees can be conducted through interviews if the sample size is small. For a bigger sample size surveys would work better.  

5. Result and implications

In this section you need to include your findings and results. You need to clarify what results have you reached to after running your tests. This section can include graphs and tables explaining your findings. Remember you should clearly mention the tests that you have run and the tools that have been used to run those tests. Students with qualitative researches often use SPSS or EViews to run their tests.

6. Conclusion

So, the conclusion of your dissertation should summarize your research and clarify the central idea of your study. It should clearly state what further work can be done on your topic of discussion and the importance of exploring this field. This section should also include ethical code on conduct that your research has covered.

7. References

It is important to cite references in your dissertation, to prove the credibility of your research. References can be divided into two kinds, in-text and bibliography. It is crucial to note that any in-text references and bibliography go hand in hand and cannot differ from each other. Any reference that is not present in-text cannot be present in
bibliography as well and vice versa.

So, here’s why proper referencing is a good idea:

1) It saves you from plagiarism:

Plagiarism in a dissertation can lead to failure in course or suspension from your institute.

2) Good references make your research credible and strong:

It is important to note that a research should be credible and strong, a study that does not add value to the field cannot help you score place in a good journal or a good overall grade in your course.

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We know dissertations can be a handful, here are some tips and tricks from experts:

  • Start early
  • Organize your work and make a realistic timeline
  • Justify your decisions
  • Keep proper record of your sources
  • Make proper back-ups
  • Your results can be negative or positive, don’t worry if they’re not at par with your expectations
  • Proofread your work
  • Stop worrying and start working

These are the basic key points of writing a dissertation. We hope things are clear for you now, in case you still have trouble you can always contact professional dissertation writers.

So, now we hope you like the content. But if you have more tips and tricks regarding the topic kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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