Latest Upcoming Technologies in 2021

Latest Upcoming Technologies in 2021 That Will Take You by Surprise
Latest Upcoming Technologies in 2021

This time you may not be interested to know about the upcoming technologies in 2021 because you are desperately waiting for the launch of the Covid-19 vaccination.

While a myriad of countries are in the race of launching the vaccine the first time, breakthrough improvements in the technological world would likely have slipped through the cracks.

The technology sector is growing as fast as possible, and it is so strong that tech giants did not stop growing even during the pandemic when other companies went bankrupt.

The technology sector will never stop growing, and it has been proved in amid of the pandemic phase. 2020 is not over yet, but upcoming technologies you will likely encounter in 2021 have been listed below.

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Top 3 Upcoming Technologies in 2021:

Following are the top 3 Upcoming Technologies in 2021:

AI video tracking software

It is effortless for children to access content on the internet. And secondly we are past the age when we had to stop children from using the internet.

Bearing the fact in mind that the internet is flooding with explicit content. Tech companies had already taken significant moves to promote children’s safety on the internet.

Notify parents

Various apps can immediately notify parents if their children are vulnerable to vulgar content or that can block the site that consists of nudity or sexual content. Still, all these ways are not enough to promote the safety of children when they are using the internet.

Detect sensitive imagery

Recently, a new AI video tracking software is expected to come up next year that has an aim to detect sensitive imagery. If the software detects any sensitive imagery, it will immediately blur that area. This software can track the video in real-time. It can block nudity, sexual content, or any kind of violence that kids should not watch.

Contextualize everything around it

This AI video tracking software does not just focus on the video to block sensitive content, but it can contextualize everything around it, including audio. This video tracking software can work on all types of devices. This device can also prevent your children from sending any threatening or depressing content.

For instance, if your kid is about to send a message like “I hate you,” or “You are horrible”, it will immediately show up as a warning. This warning message is to make them realise how they would feel if someone else sends them such messages. So, this AI software encourages children to pause before they react.

Alexa app to translate cat’s meow

Meow Talk can give your cat a voice. This machine learning app can translate your cat’s meow into their intent. It’s AI software has a database of 13 phrases like “I am hungry,” “I am angry,” or “Leave me alone” because every cat has its vocabulary of meows.

Enable you to communicate

It means the software does not have a generic database for each cat vocals. The translation will differ for each cat’s meow. This app can help you build a bond with your cat because it will enable you to communicate with them in a better way.

Available for free in Play Store

The best part of this app is it will be available for free in Play Store and Apple Store. However, it is developing right now. Your cat will be wearing a smart caller integrated with an AI feature that will translate your cat’s meow, and then your voice would speak through the collar.

Extended reality

Extended reality includes augmented reality and virtual reality.


It is AR when the imagery is superimposed over what the viewer is viewing in the real world.


VR when the viewer is viewing it in a computer-generated environment. 

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Although this is not a new technology. Next year you are likely to come up with some changes in this technology to make your life better and easier.

For instance, it will allow for medical examinations to happen remotely. The education system will use AR and VR tools lowering down the need to hold crowded classes. Considering the present situation, AR tools can be used to send real-time warnings to people. When they are moving across an area highly prone to infection.

In fact, AR can remind you to wash your hands. When you touch a door handle or a latch or a tube light switch. It can also issue an alert when you tough your face too frequently and when you do it without washing your hand. In brief, it can help contain the spread of contagious diseases.


So these were some upcoming technologies in 2021 and as you know that Technology will never stop evolving even if the world goes through the pandemic. Undoubtedly, it is making our lives better, easier and more comfortable. Every year you find technological innovation and the same way you will find in 2021.

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