The evident increment in everyday accessibility of mobile phones everywhere, even in the remote areas of the world is encouraging the world to use productivity caused by the overall reach in so many ways.

Currently, there are so many researches going on how to utilize the optimistic, constructive effects produced by mobile phones. Even the world is now trying to cash in on the effectiveness of these when they get to know the upcoming obvious enormous effects caused by the phones.

These impacts are contributing negatively as well as positively to the world, the utilization solely depends upon the brain. The Mobile phone manufacturing companies are utilizing the increasing demand to lift their sales and market position by producing a large number of smartphones every day targeting every social class. Such companies are Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Oale Mobiles, Q mobiles. Producing elite models like the Note series of Samsung, affordable models like Oale x1 plus, etc.

So, that’s why this post is aimed to discuss HOW GADGETS ELEVATE THE LIVING STANDARDS? and helps to grow your business

How does technology improve the Quality of life?

Following are effects of technology on the quality of life:

Providing benefits to manufacturing industries

  • The increased demand of cell phones is providing benefits to manufacturing industries. Increasing demand will automatically increase the need for more employees to design, produce and work for meeting the demands of the customers which will result in more production of jobs for people as well as utilization of resources.

Will give an edge to the telecommunication companies

  • The increased production will give an edge to the telecommunication companies which in the case could be local or foreign. If it would be a local company it will benefit the locals and if it would be a foreign one it would bring revenue to the country which would be even more beneficial to the nationals and the economy of the country. It has to happen either way because no mobile phone can be operated without a registered SIM card. You cannot even set up a simple WhatsApp account without a SIM card. So, it would be an apparent advantage.

Lead the internet providing companies to work hand in hand

  • Will also lead the internet providing companies to work hand in hand with those mobile companies. Because an internet connection is equally important as a SIM card. Not having an internet connection in today’s era will bring a mobile phone’s cruciality to zero. The mobile phone is not more than a dummy if it is not having an internet connection.

Increase the demand in the hardware-producing markets

  • Its basic and main body is usually made up of plastic metal or glass. The other body parts including the accessories are also made up of materials that are used in building the body of the mobile. These materials are anyhow required no matter whether it is Oale Mobiles or any other company. The consumption of rubber, plastic, glass, metal will bring a massive difference in hardware usage. And without these materials, it’s impossible to produce not even mobile but also any gadget. This consumption will increase the demand in the hardware-producing markets.

Increase the demand for jobs

  • Even after a vast number of engineers graduate every year, not even half of them get jobs of their real job description for which those engineers have become an engineer. They study designing, constructing, formulating things during their whole study years and what they get is assembling, maintaining, and looking after a system. This is not what they have studied for. But this is because our country lacks resources for establishing enough manufacturing plants for a whole century. An increase in the production will also increase the demand for jobs requiring engineers.

Robotics will also get to be practiced

  • Robotics will also get to be practiced on a noticeable level in the country. The making of a mobile phone involves a lot of robotics which could benefit the young minds to utilize their skills in such a productive way for themselves as well as the economy of the country.

Marketing agencies could get a boost

  • Marketing agencies could get a boost with the increased production of mobile phones very easily. The marketing agencies will hire more people to work when they get more work to do. It’s that simple! When there will be more brands and models or any gadget, they would also hire people to market their products. They will make more ads to promote the products and more ads will require more models to be hired. Just as Samsung, Q Mobile has been marketed throughout the years. This will also give an impact on the fashion industry too.

IT companies will get to utilize their expertise

  • IT companies will get to utilize their expertise when the rate of development of phones and gadgets will get increased. No mobile or networking company could function without an IT team. How to make a system run or how to modify a system according to the company’s requirement could only be fulfilled by IT people. The software developers are also on the list. How can a system be operated without the software? Software developers are also a must.

Retailer markets will also get the benefit

  • Retailer markets will also get the benefit to have more work. They will get a wide variety of mobile phones to sell based upon the commission offered by the companies.

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