Design and Construction Engineering Services

The Depth of Design and Construction Engineering Services

engineer in under pass showing The Depth of Design and Construction Engineering Services

Have you ever passed by a road, bridge, dam, flyover, or underpass and wondered “how they constructed?” and “who were the people who constructed this?”.

Well, this is about how a project is execute. And by the end of it, you will be aware of the core elements of the construction industry. And the roles of employer, consultant, and contractor.

Roles design construction engineering


First comes the term “Employer” which refers to (in the world of Civil Engineering) any public/private organization.

The Project Director:

Employers generally appoint a person under the name of “The Project Director”. The Director is accountable to higher authorities for cost, releasing payments, and timely execution of work.


Then comes the “Consultants” who are hired for their design and construction engineering services.

Employers reserve the rights for hiring consultants for their design and construction engineering services or they do it by themselves.


At last, comes the “Contractor”. Who is responsible for the execution of the project from winning bids to finishing in coordination with “The Engineer” appointed by Employer. 


What is the Bidding Process?

Once the contractors hired to provide the services. There are two types of bids which is duly fills and submit.

Technical bid:

The first one is “Technical bid”, which consists of all the technical requirements by the Employer or Consultants. Such as experience, manpower, machinery, audit reports, financial status, methodology, and many other technical aspects.

Financial bid:

“Financial bid” consists of all the detail rates of the works, material, manpower, and works to be performed.

After bid submission by several different contractors to the employer. They are either evaluated based on their technical bids. And in case of financial bid opening the lowest one is granted the work.

Project Guarantee

It is a guarantee usually provided by banks or insurance companies on behalf of the Contractor. This guarantee makes that particular institution liable to pay for the repair and reconstruction in case of any damage after the work is finish.

Contract signing

After getting the acceptance, a contract is sign between the Contractor, Project Director, and The Engineer. The contract generally consists of a set of rules under which the he is obliged to perform the works assigned.

This set of rules are also altered in a few cases. Solely depending upon the nature of the project and the circumstances under which the works have to be performed. These sets of rules are generally extract from FIDIC’s different editions.

Staff Mobilization

Once the contract has signed, the Contractor has a limited period to deploy their machinery, manpower, and construct their camps. Deployment of the machinery is also dependent upon the contract.

If mentioned in the agreement that all the machinery to be present at once and until the end of the project. Then the contractor is bound to deploy all of the machinery at once. And can not mobilize machinery until the finish date of the project.

Project Execution

The Contactor is provided detailed drawings for the execution of the process. The Engineer is responsible to provide drawings timely to the Contractor. And The Engineer must check and balance the quality of the work, the agreement is being follow. And make sure if the Contractor is timely executing the works.

If any problem occurs during the process then the Contractor notifies The Engineer. And The Engineer makes sure for the smooth flow of work.

Construction Activities:

The construction activities are usually break into parts concerning time.

  • Once the Contractor finishes a certain part. They request the payments to be release for that particular works.
  • One after the other, he/she executes all parts of the projects under the surveillance of the Engineer and the Employer until its finish. 
  • After final payment to the Contractor then starts the maintenance period.
  • This period refers to the period in which the project is under watch.
  • And in case any fault is found then the contractor is liable to repair, fix,.
  • And even reconstruct that particular part of the project.


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