Is celery juice healthy?

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Celery is a vegetable usually eaten by people for breakfast and is a part of the Apiaceae family. Its crunchy stalks make it a beneficial low-calorie vegetable to have for breakfast. Celery juice contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, zinc, copper, and many other nutrients. The nutrients present in celery plants are good for health, however, the quantity of these nutrients is less in celery so eating it alone will not protect you from health diseases.

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Benefit of Celery juice

In recent years, some have claimed that celery juice can cure a lot of health diseases. 

The main advantage of celery juice is quantity. It is rich in water, most of us like to drink 1 stick of celery juice which is flavourless. Drinking multiple sticks can increase the vitamin and hydrating water in the body. Although some have also said that it is overrated, let’s find it out by considering some points.

A lot of research articles published worldwide indicate that celery juice can prevent health diseases. It contains minerals like magnesium, biotin, and zinc and is a great low diet breakfast. To make Celery juice we would recommend you to use the best juicer for celery available in the market. Now we have the juicer for celery, let’s see some benefits of celery juice.

1. Prevents from inflammation and cancer

Apigenin is a compound present in celery. It is used in various medicines to produce anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antioxidant agents. Many types of research have found that apigenin or apigenin-rich substances reduce the expression of diet protein in the body which can help to restore the immune system.

Celery also contains lutein which has anti-cancer properties, it can prevent the spread of cancer cells and induces cell death.

2. Reduces blood Pressure

The study looked at the effect of celery seeds extracts extra blood pressure from the heart. Celery is a good source of fibre and many people suggest that food rich in fibre can reduce blood pressure. However, the research is still going on whether it is helpful or not.

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3. Neurogenesis

Apigenin can also help in the growth of nerve cells which is also called neurogenesis. Researchers have found that it increases nerve cell generations and helps to increase the ability of learning and remembering.

4. Helps to fight against Skin Infections

It can reduce blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and blood lipids. Its seeds are used in the treatment of skin diseases like psoriasis.

In a health study in rats with diabetes, scientists have found that chemicals extracted from celery seeds modified glucose and insulin levels and increased antioxidant activity.

Other Benefits

Drinking celery juice can prevent you from 

  • Liver disease and jaundice
  • Asthma
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Urinary tract extraction

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Is Drinking Celery Juice safe?

Juices extract minerals and vitamins for vegetables. Eating varieties of fruits and vegetables can provide you a balanced diet but there isn’t much evidence to show that juice is better than eating whole fruit. When you are eating a fruit, you are getting the fiber with vitamins which are good for your body. But in the case of juice, the fiber part is stripped off though it contains vitamins and minerals. The fiber is necessary for the body to keep the level of blood pressure normal, maintain the level of hormones, etc.

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Demerits of Celery Juice

  1. Celery juices contain chemicals known as psoralens which make your skin more visible in sunlight. Drinking it in large quantities may increase the chances of skin cancer.
  1.  Allergies are common from this. So, if you have itching or swelling in your mouth while drinking it you may be allergic.
  1. While juicing celery can amplify the level of sugar in the juice. Sugar is present in many fruits. When you juice those fruits, you concentrate the natural sugar in the fruit. While the fibre part is left outside which maintains sugar level it can increase the sugar level of your body.

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In short, Celery is a churchy breakfast and the nutrients present in it are good for health. However, the extraction of those nutrients is more beneficial than celery sticks. It is a low-calorie breakfast with many benefits.

There is evidence that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for health and can help people in many ways.

You should consult with your doctor before having it because for some of you it may be beneficial while for others it may not be suitable.

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