Fashion Essentials a Bride Needs on Her Wedding Day

Many disasters can occur on a wedding day for a bride and her friends. Luckily, fashion experts have got all the tricks that will save your day. Have a look below to know what type of fashion essentials a Bride needs on her Wedding Day?

Fashion Essentials a Bride Needs on Her Wedding Day

It is the desire of every girl to look her best on the wedding day and even after using online coupon codes to get the best wedding accessories online, sometimes mishaps are waiting to happen. Most women already have a list of all the must-have items but still one thing or the other remains. Whether you call it fate, or poor luck but most mishaps happen to a bride when she plans on entering the room in front of all the people. To help all bride-to-be, here are a few essentials that can save your day.

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Top 9 Wedding day Fashion Essentials for the bride

1. A Make-up Kit

Make sure you have packed a make-up kit as a backup because no matter how perfect the make-up is, touchup is constantly needed. You do not need to have a briefcase of make-up products in there. A few items like mascara, lipstick, eye palette, blush, and powder would do. The powder is necessary because you would not want the shine to leave your face amid a photoshoot. Also, make sure you have a contour kit with you. In case you look tired, the contour kit will rescue you.

2. Hair Pins 

Mostly your hairdresser will set your hair perfectly and leave. Usually, disaster strikes after they leave. Your hair might untangle or become loose. You have no idea what might happen so the best way is to remain calm and pack some hairpins with you. These hairpins might be your savior. Also, remember to keep spare combs with you in case of emergency. 

3. Mirrors

Mirrors are one of those fashion essentials that no one talks about. Although the dresser has a mirror and every suite does have a mirror. However, with your bridesmaids getting ready and a lot of ladies hustling around, sometimes you do need 2-3 pocket mirrors of various sizes that will help you in touchups. It is best if the mirrors are of different sizes so that you can easily focus on the feature you want to. 

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4. Tissues

It is a day filled with emotions. Even if you do not cry a lot and are practical about your wedding, do pack tissues as you never know when the emotions can overwhelm you. Moreover, you do not want to ruin your mascara with tears.

5. Wet Wipes

Apart from tissues, wet wipes are also important as you never know when a cheerful hug might smudge your lipstick. Wet wipes are the heroes of the day as they can easily remove ruined lipstick or mascara stain from your face without further destroying your makeup. Wet wipes can also be used to wipe off any light stain from your wedding dress and protect its elegance.

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6. Sanitary Napkins

Incidents like these always happen on your best days and a wedding is the biggest day of your life so what if something happens. To not ruin your big day and not let the flow drown you and your dress, pack tampons. It can be too late if you wait for your friends to come and help you. You must have the essential tools to rescue yourself from this one. 

7. Perfume

Most brides get ready at least 2-3 hours before their wedding and it is important to smell pleasant all night. The perfume will only last a maximum of one hour. It is for your good that you keep a floral fragrance with you and keep applying it after every hour to keep smelling good. In addition. You can apply some perfume to your bridal bouquet too if you feel the smell is fading. 

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8. Sewing Kit

Despite giving your measurements and checking the dress 3-4 times, sometimes wear and tear might happen while wearing it. This can be disastrous as the dress is the main thing at the wedding but it can be fixed. If you pack a sewing kit with you and use it well. You don’t need to know how to stitch like a professional but how to fix a problem. Keeping the sewing kit will help the bride and her bridesmaid from zipper breaking or worst, a wardrobe malfunction. 

9. Hair Spray

The hairstylist does set your hair properly but you might need more hair spray if your hair is extremely silky. Sometimes wigs are used with your hair to style them better and if the wig falls off, then a hairspray might be useful to splurge the hair. Moreover, in case your makeup is not setting, it is a tip to use hairspray at a distance from your face and set your makeup. 

In a Nutshell

Sometimes, the wedding planning goes smoothly but the bridal suite ends in disaster due to various mishaps. To deal with these mishaps, whether they occur in the suite or at the aisle, a bride and her bridesmaid should always come prepared. The blog mentions the Fashion essentials that a bride must have with her to end the night in style. If you had faced any problem at your wedding and handled it perfectly, share with us how. 

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