Best Phone location tracker apps: A Guide to track a phone location

Best Phone location tracker apps

Who would have thought that tracking locations of another person will be at once fingertips? Well, now with the rapid enhancement in technology, impossible things are becoming possible. Though it’s unethical to track someone’s place, depending on ethical reasons, monitoring someone’s location becomes crucial at a point. However, these phone location tracker apps are more common among parents, who use them to track down their kids activities when they are gone outdoors for hiking and camping.

So are you planning to use one but don’t know much about it. Then there’s a definitive guide that will help you out.

Top 8 Best phone location tracker apps

1. Trace mobile number:

This allow you to access the location and service while incoming calls. You can also see such details on your call logs while being offline. Moreover, trace landline and toll-free numbers through this excellent app.

2. FamiSzafe:  Parental control app:

This app is specially designed for parents to keep an eye on their kid’s activities. You can track the live location of your children by their smartphones. FamiSafe has come up with the geofencing features to set boundaries & get notified if they entered a dangerous or unsafe place.

3. Free Phone tracer: 

Free phone tracer provides some advanced and unique features of protecting your data with the easy tracking of targeted phones using your computer and phones. Track any phone with the easiest, safe, and secure platform at no cost. As it is US-based, it allows tracing the areas of the US. All you need is to create an account to enjoy various services at your fingertips.

4. Caller ID and Number Locator: 

This app is an ideal combination of Caller ID and location tracker, 100% free of cost. With the vast database, you can track anyone and know the person’s identity by using this app. It also allows you to block unnecessary calls and locate the accurate site of targeted numbers. But you can only use this feature in the Android version higher than 4.0.

5. Accurate Caller Phone number tracker:

This app is the most popular in the market with its 3D trace actions and spam feature constantly update for the optimum experience. You will see all the information about the caller at the time of calling. You need to have an internet connection to get all these features.

6. Mobile number location: 

It allows you to search mobile numbers & locations, STD & ISD codes in offline mode. This app’s advanced & attractive feature is to find telemarketer information, country dialing & area codes for more convenience. Additionally, track the live location of the phone with its GPS feature.

7. Number locator:

A number locator is the most straightforward app. All you need is to download it from Google play and add the search bar number to track its location. It is the best choice for all beginners.

8. Mobile number tracker Pro:

Mobile number tracker pro started in 2016 and this is the best one on the list as the app supports a database of more than 200 countries for accurate results. You can track the location of the target number all over the world. You need a good internet connection to start accessing this application.

Essential features to consider

While installing any app for tracking, consider some essential features to get the best results, as these are few advanced features that will help you:

Offers Offline Access:

Most of the tracker application allows to access all the features with an internet connection. But few are enabling you to get access to all premium features while being offline. Offline access is more convenient to use as compared to online.

Blocking Features:

Another factor to consider while choosing a tracker application to have a blocking feature. This feature helps you to stop unnecessary calls, persons, and locations for the peace of your mind.

Caller ID:

Sometimes, you receive unknown calls but tracking their location is not enough to know who it is. Caller ID allows you to do so.

Notifications of Harmful places:

When you’re tracking your children by checking where they are. You must set the limitations to save your child from going to the wrong places. This feature notifies you when your children will be going to some dangerous and unsafe areas.

Live Location with GPS:

This GPS feature allows you to track a targeted number’s live to know where the person is standing right now. This advanced feature helps in daily life to get notified about every meeting place quickly.

Easy to use:

If you are a beginner, you will face difficulty operating this app. You should choose an app that is easy to use so that you can get to it quickly.

Geofencing feature: 

It’s a new advancement that enables to set the parameters on the map for device location. It also alerts you when it crosses the boundaries.

Data Protection:

Make sure that your data is saved while using any tracker location app, as some apps may interrupt your information while accessing your phone. Must check out the features of any tracker application before start using to save your data.

Final Verdict

Safety matters a lot in everyone’s life, and when it comes to children’s safety, parents become more conscious. Track anyone’s location or ID at your fingertips by using these incredible apps. Moreover you can also find many more apps for tracking locations, but the apps with advanced features such particular rates.

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