Best Hairstyles For Little Boys In This Year

Thinking about what hairstyle your child should get this year? Well, worry no more because Mr. Kids Haircuts will assist you to find the best-suited haircut for your little prince. Choosing a hairstyle can be tricky because once you’re under the scissors there’s no turning back so it is best to make up your mind and know what you want before going to the salon. So let’s get straight into some Best hairstyles for little boys this year.

The first hairstyle to consider is the one that your child naturally has. This means if your son’s hair is curly or wavy, then you should let it grow out because having a natural hairstyle without any enhancements will make him look adorable.

List of Hairstyles For Little Boys

Faux Hawk Cut:

If your little one loves to be the center of attention then a faux hawk cut would be enough to keep all eyes on him. In this haircut, the sides of the head are buzzed short and not completely shaved as in the adult version. The center part is left longer which is lifted to make spikes using pomade or gel to give that characteristic faux hawk look that will make him look dapper.

This hairstyle is also one of the most popular hairstyles for little boys this year because it’s very stylish and easy to maintain. It gives a laid-back, carefree vibe that parents are looking for in boy haircuts these days.

Slicked Back Undercut:

Now if your child loves to look sophisticated then this hairstyle is perfect for him. With the slicked-back undercut, you can have both edginess and casualness at the same time. The hair on top of the head is kept longer while the sides are buzzed short so your child should have a long face and prominent cheekbones so the cut will look good on him.

This hairstyle is very popular among celebrities so if your little boy wants to be like them he can get this haircut. It’s also perfect for parents who want their kids to have that sophisticated yet simple hair because it looks sharp but not too much.

Bold Fade:

This hairstyle has an athletic appeal to it, so if your little powerhouse jumps around and loves to play all the time then a bold fade would be just perfect for him. This hairstyle is best if your kid is in a sports club and doesn’t want his hair to get into his game. You can get this cut from the barber and easily manage it at home by buzzing the sides occasionally.

This hairstyle is also perfect if your son loves to show off his tattoos because it’s very noticeable on this haircut. It can look cool for boys who have a lot of tats, especially those with sleeve work done on their arms like basketball players and wrestlers.


For a manly little man, a quiff hairstyle would look amazing on a special occasion. If your son loves to keep his hair short but still wants to look stylish then go for this look. On a wedding, a birthday, Christmas party, or any important event all you have to do is sleek the sides with a comb and some gel or pomade and make a little quiff to the side using the hair in the middle of the head. 

Long And Layered:

If your little munchkin loves to grow his hair then a long and layered haircut would make him delighted. This haircut has a lot of texture and there are no clean cuts. The barber will probably use a razor instead of scissors, which is to add as many layers as possible. You can use gel or pomade to create a clean wet hair look or simply blow-dry to pursue a soft image.  

Beach waves:

If your little one is a summer baby or just loves his hair to be mid-length, then going for classic beach waves would be your best option. It is ideal for kids who naturally have thick wavy hair because this cut will add personality to their already beautiful hair. In this haircut the hair lands almost at the neck, no clear cuts should be noticeable, and the top hair should blend in with the bottom ones nicely. 

Slicked Back:

Slicked back hair is probably the most classic hairstyle to ever exist and its unique charm never fades away. If your little manly man wants to look top-notch sophisticated then a slicked-back hairstyle would be his best pick. This cut only requires scissors and expertise. The hair is slightly short on the sides while the hair at the front is kept a little longer than the hair at the crown to sweep all the hair in place to the side using a gel and achieve this spectacular hairstyle. 

Spiked Hair With Faded Sides:

If your little sweet pea loves some chic and funky hairstyles and wants to stand out among his comrades then spiked hair with faded sides will serve the purpose for boys.

Faded Ivy:

For a smart and focused little one, a faded ivy hairstyle will complement his personality as this hairstyle has a soft and decent appeal.

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