3 main Steps to Increase Will Power in Life

Willpower is the ability to control our own thoughts and actions that occur in our mind. For instance, you have fat on your body and you decided to become fit then you decided to join gym and paid full fee of membership and then, you are really good initially for few weeks but slowly you got thoughts like, fat take rest for a day and after day off from gym you gone again to gym but this time your mind is not that committed as it was in initially what happen then in next few weeks you start getting thoughts that just leave it and then slowly you start making excuse to leave gym. At this time, you need willpower that will control yourself then you will be committed and need courage to start increasing your willpower.

How to achieve a goal, vision?

You need willpower to push yourself to achieve goal, vision, to do learning and to develop passion. Willpower means to push yourself to take actions like to start running and one day it’s raining then your mind will thoughts oh it’s raining outside just take break sometime to you to control your mind thoughts and take action because you committed to do running take you have to go for running and rain is not going to stop your courage.

Self-control, will-power, discipline they are almost synonymous. Our ability to succeed is not obstructed or distributed by hindrance on the path. But by easier hindrances on the path but by easier way to a lower goal. In other words, these are lower goals that prevent us from striving for higher goals. If you wish to reach out for the stars, you need the discipline, the self-control, the will-power to desist from something that is giving immediate gratification. Whether its saying, okay this shot is enough, I want to try harder because trying harder is painful. It requires overcoming yourself.

Sometimes some people ask what’s the key to success?

The key to success is that you have greater ability to tolerate pain than the others. In other words, you have to realize that when you train, you have to tolerate pain. You have to bear with pain. The mind and senses are to bear with pain. The mind and senses are screaming come on, forget it, leave it. But if you can tolerate that pain, as the saying goes that the lives of successful men and women were not made by sudden flights or just in few months or years, but while other people slept they were toiling upward at night. This quality of discipline is so important.

You require 3 things in life:-  

  1. What is my goal, vision? Awareness of it.

2. I want the mind to be distracted. You bring it back.

3. I will keep my mind here.

If you have those 3 things then you will develop your will-power.

Steps To increase will power

Commitment was the first step to increase will-power and the second step is Courage. 

We always felt lazy doing things and also test them on tomorrow. And start thinking this is not the right time for this but the truth is that we don’t have courage. We didn’t try to find why we don’t have courage, we just start blaming us. Even, I thought if someone understood or knew that we have courage but still we leave things on tomorrow or day after tomorrow. We are always trying to postpone things. Meaning courage is if you find something that’s right for you then just forget everything else and start doing that thing now or today because we aren’t able to trust tomorrow. We don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.

Courage doesn’t mean if you are able to walk in dark then you have courage. Courage also does not mean you can fight with anyone. But courage’s deep meaning is to go into unknown situations. Because we find it really comfortable to do known things or situations but we are always scared from unknown things or situations. Your vision is completely unknown to you when you start working towards your vision. You don’t have any idea. You don’t have any path, you are just thinking by yourself. Remember also to have the courage to be alone. But for your unknown vision you only need is courage. If you have power of thinking by yourself, if you have power of making your ideas possible, you are committed towards your goal, vision or mission then know one able to stop you to reach your target.

Third step to increase will-power is Self control

Third thing to increase will-power is self-control. For this, the person who waste whole control the whole day on other things then nothing left in them to do self-control.

For example: if the bulb is fused or boat which has holes and water able to be filled into the boat. That’s some condition you are in for 24 hours you waste your control on other things by starting controlling other problems. First, you have to control yourself then you don’t need to control others because other things control by self. You need energy for self-control.


When you start increasing your will-power you need lots of enemies too far committing yourself for becoming courage and for starting self-controlling yourself. When you start wasting your whole energy doing rest of things then you don’t know what you are wasting. On others, that’s going to give you no benefits. Just imagine in yourself if you put that whole energy or power for yourself then what you are able to achieve. Always remember even if we start today or today collecting a small mug of water in 1 bucket then in a few days your bucket will be full of power. Always remember these 3 things in your life to increase will power is commitment, coverage, self-control.

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